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November 4, 2019

Share Your Tropical Storm Imelda Story on the Hurricane Harvey Registry

In the face of Tropical Storm Imelda, we came together as a community in unprecedented ways. It is important to recognize there is still work to do! Whether your home flooded or not, fill out the Hurricane Harvey Registry to tell researchers how Imelda impacted you.

The Hurricane Harvey Registry is a collection of short surveys dedicated to understanding the health and housing impacts of Hurricane Harvey and other major storms. Since launching in 2018, the registry has been expanded to include questions about Tropical Storm Imelda. 
Measuring who is being impacted and in what ways will help to:

  • Serve and inform impacted communities
  • Direct continuing recovery efforts
  • Plan for the future

The survey is open to any adult in the impact zone of a major storm. Whether you were impacted severely, lightly, or not at all, your answers are important. The survey is voluntary and takes 10 minutes to complete. Please visit to learn more!

News release (Nov. 4, 2019): Imelda data will add impact to Hurricane Harvey Registry