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October 25, 2006

Dear Houston Homeowners,

This past summer strained many of  our pockets because of high electricity bills. Besides looking for the most competitive prices (see, all Houstonians should know about the small changes to your home that can make a big difference.

The City of Houston partnered with CenterPoint Energy to begin a program called  "weatherization." The weatherization initiative is designed to reduce the energy consumption through several improvements to homes, including installing weather stripping on windows and doors, caulking windows, and installing additional insulation in the attic and on exposed hot water piping.

The pilot for this program began in the Pleasantville community, where many senior citizens live on fixed incomes, and the results are in: people saved an average of $160 over a 3-month period  (June-August 2006 compared to the same summer months in 2005) after making these simple modifications to their houses. Some households saw as much as $1,100 in total savings! For details ,  see our press release at The program is set to expand to two other Houston neighborhoods, Lindale Park and Scott Terrace. 

Weatherization is a win all around. It saves you real money, it saves energy , cuts back on the emissions associated with power generation and it helps ease the need for new power plants. And all this requires relatively little investment. It can be something as simple as replacing light bulbs with more energy efficient bulbs.

CenterPoint Energy offers many programs and tips for homeowners to make sure the energy being spent on cooling or heating your house is used efficiently. Go to for a list of programs and more energy-saving tips.

Bill White