Houston Complete Communities

Acres Home

Implementation of the Action Plan

Implementation of the Complete Communities Action Plan Acres Home is a focused approach that involves the communities as well as partners in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

Action teams (“A-Teams”) were created in the Spring of 2018 for nine topics from the Acres Home Complete Communities Action Plan (.pdf): Civic Engagement, Education, Economy and Jobs , Housing, Health, Mobility and Infrastructure, Neighborhood Character, Parks and Community Amenities, and Safety.

The action teams will work together to help implement the projects from the plan in collaboration with the City of Houston and/or outside partners. If you desire to participate in the implementation process on one of the work groups, you may sign up with the online form.

The following topic areas provides more information on what has been implemented in Acres Home:

Civic Engagement, Education, Economy & Jobs

Health, Housing, Mobility & Infrastructure

Neighborhood Character, Parks & Community Amenities, Safety