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Neighborhood Profile

Kashmere Gardens is a historically African-American neighborhood in the northern 610 loop area in Houston, Texas. The area is by Loop 610 (N. Loop E.)/Kelley Street to the north, Collingsworth and Liberty to the south, a rail corridor to the west, and another rail corridor to the east. The neighborhood is in Council Districts B and H.

Kashmere Gardens mainly consists of modest single-family homes, in which many are on large lots. Some of the areas are wooded while the eastern edge of the neighborhood is made up of warehouses and light industry. The western edge is adjacent to a major rail yard. There are many churches of varying denominations, along with multiple civic organizations such as Super Neighborhood 52, Northeast Concerned Citizens Civic League, the Kashmere Alumni Association, and the Kashmere Former Athletes Association. One notable park is the Hutcheson Park located on the north side near Loop 610.

The neighborhood was annexed by the City in the 1940s. Between 1990 and 2000, the Hispanic population increased from 19 percent to around 31 percent. The area received severe damage from Hurricane Harvey in 2017. The Houston Public Library branch in the area called the McCrane-Kashmere Gardens Neighborhood Library was closed after the damaged left by Harvey. According to a 2018 article by the Houston Chronicle, about 40 percent of residents in this community are living in homes (79 percent of all homes flooded) that need remediation.

Kashmere Gardens area (2,582 acres/4.03 sq. miles) is comprised of 7 public schools and 1 private school. There is also a public hospital, named for Lyndon B. Johnson, which is located on Loop 610 east of Lockwood Drive.

Coordinating Team

TBD Planning and Development

  • Phone: 832.393.6600
  • Fax: 832.393.6647
  • Email:

TBD, Neighborhood Liaisons Mayor's Citizens Assistance Office

Neighborhood Support Team (NST)

july through august The first step in Complete Communities is to connect with community leaders in the area. It is vital that the Complete Communities initiative connect with each neighborhood's civic leaders and organizations to understand their strengths, their connections within the community, and their perspectives on the needs of the neighborhood. Local civic leaders have the pulse of the community and know the assets and concerns better than the City alone.

We rely on the NST to be our partners in this process by providing guidance to the public engagement approach in the area. We need to hear their voices and depend on the NST to ensure widespread participation from the community. Leaders should represent a constituency, are supported by that group and have some engagement capacity.

If you would like to participate in the NST, contact your planner.

Known Community Resources

Civic Clubs/HOAs

  • Northeast Concerned Citizens Civic League


  • Care Connection
  • Northeast Next Door Redevelopment Council (NNDRC)

Existing Neighborhood Plans:

  • Kashmere Gardens Livable Centers Study
  • Briefing Book for the fifth biennial Collaborative Community Design Initiative, August 2018
  • Healthy Living Matters Neighborhood Assessment: Kashmere Gardens Study Area, May 2013

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