Complete Communities Sunnyside Public Meeting #2

Complete Communities Sunnyside Kick-off

Planning Process

To learn about the steps involved in the Complete Communities planning process, click Planning Process.

Neighborhood Profile

Map of the area Sunnyside SN #71 is bound by IH 610 on the north, Sims Bayou on the south, Martin Luther King Blvd on the east and Hwy 288 on the west. The area is within Council District D.

Sunnyside was one of Houston’s first communities platted in the early 1900s just for African Americans. The area was annexed by the City of Houston in 1956 but remained without basic City services such as running water, sewer, paved roads and drainage.1

Due to civic pride in the area, the Sunnyside Civic Club was formed to address some of the issues of basic services. The area was serviced by a volunteer Fire Department.

Neighborhood Support Team (NST)

july through august The first step in Complete Communities is to connect with community leaders in the area. It is vital that the Complete Communities initiative connect with each neighborhood's civic leaders and organizations to understand their strengths, their connections within the community, and their perspectives on the needs of the neighborhood. Local civic leaders have the pulse of the community and know the assets and concerns better than the City alone.

We rely on the NST to be our partners in this process by providing guidance to the public engagement approach in the area. We need to hear their voices and depend on the NST to ensure widespread participation from the community. Leaders should represent a constituency, are supported by that group and have some engagement capacity.

To see a list of the leaders and organizations the City has contacted or that have participated this far, click Sunnyside NST. If you know of leaders and/or organizations that are not listed and should be included in this dialogue, please contact the planner for Sunnyside.

Sunnyside Neighborhood Team

Coordinating Team

Team Lead: Lindsey Williams
Planning and Development

Angie Solis, Neighborhood Liaison
Mayor's Citizens Assistance Office

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