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Back to School
As the dog days of summer rapidly diminish, we turn our attention to  children who head back to school.  I have been participating in several school supply drives to make sure children receive the supplies they need to begin the school year.  I would also call on all drivers to pay special attention to school speed zones in the morning and afternoon around schools.  Flashing lights in school zones and buses stopped with flashing lights  require drivers to respond accordingly. Just a little reminder for most of us who may have gotten out of the habit over the summer months.  The safety of our school children should be our highest priority.

Back to School


Real Life 360
Over the summer my staff and I have been busy monitoring summer programs and measuring their effectiveness.  One program I want to highlight is the group behind the website These young entrepreneurs  mowed yards for seniors or those who are not able to work in their yard. The young men and women learned a great deal about earning and handling money, how much to put in to their business and how much to set aside for savings. Additionally they enjoyed interacting with older folks who in turn, shared their pearls of wisdom with their new " lawn team."  

Real Life 360


Statement from CM Mike Knox on the Recent Killings of Police Officers in Baton Rouge
“Once again, our nation is faced with the scourge of those wanting to bring harm to our society by killing police officers, who symbolize the rule of law in our country.  The murders of three police officers and the wounding of three other officers in Baton Rouge on Sunday, for no apparent reason other than to murder police officers for what they represent, is unconscionable.  Everyone needs to be mindful that words and actions mean things, and that we as a nation need to lower the rhetoric and the temperature as we work through these difficult issues.  Violence is not the proper remedy.  Violence does not and will never decrease violence.  America is a nation of laws, and we all need to trust the rule of law and our judicial system; that wrongdoers will be brought to justice, on either side of the issue.

I encourage everyone to join me in prayers for the families and friends of those officers who were murdered or injured.”

Statement from CM Mike Knox on the Recent Killings of Police Officers in Dallas
“My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to the families of the slain Dallas Police Department officers and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer.

These officers were there protecting the participants' constitutional right to peacefully protest Thursday night.  Unfortunately, this event tragically turned to senseless violence. 

We, as Americans, need to come together to respect each other and work out our differences peacefully. I stand strong with Dallas.”