District G

HHA Fountain View Project

This page details the Fountainview Project from 2016:

There is also a website maintained by a citizens’ group that has additional information about the project and the growing opposition of the community thereto: http://www.stopfountainviewproject.org/ (link expired)

Council Member Travis opposes this project, as does Congressman John Culberson, State Senator Joan Huffman, State Representative Jim Murphy, and HISD Trustee Harvin Moore. Each has written a letter outlining their objections to this project:

Housing Studies:

  1. A Summary Overview of Moving to Opportunity: A Random Assignment Housing Mobility Study in Five U.S. Cities, Abstract  http://www.nber.org/mtopublic/MTO%20Overview%20Summary.pdf (This one summarizes the 287 page report).
  2. Moving to Opportunity for Fair Housing Demonstration Program, Interim Impacts Evaluation  https://www.huduser.gov/Publications/pdf/MTOfullreport.pdf (This is the 287 page report).
  3. Sociology’s Revenge: Moving to Opportunity (MTO) Revisited: http://www.brookings.edu/blogs/social-mobility-memos/posts/2015/05/06-moving-to-opportunity-revisited-rothwell#   (Commentary and Summary).
  4. HUD’s Own Study Dashes Utopian Dream of Cross-Neighborhood Prosperity http://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/hud-study-reveals-blacks-dont-benefit-economically-from-neighborhood-relocation/ (Commentary and Summary)
  5. HUD suburb integration plan undercut by its own study http://www.habitatiii.org/content/news/us-hud-suburb-integration-plan-undercut-its-own-study (link expired)