District G

Wastewater Force Main Renewal and Replacement - Sleepy Hollow and Telephone Road

Project Details:

  • Wastewater force mains will be renewed/replaced
  • Sleepy Hollow Location - is a complete streets rebuild location. This portion of the project is in District G and District C. The dividing line between the two districts is Westheimer Rd. District C is south and District G is north of Westheimer.
    • Chevy Chase Street - (complete street rebuild) drainage, concrete paving, storm sewer and sanitary improvements
  • Project and Vicinity Map (.pdf)

Houston Public Works – Build Forward:
Additional Information Available here - https://www.publicworks.houstontx.gov/node/342

Public Engagement Details:

Construction Details


  • Dial 311 – mention to the operator the following three things along with your issue:
    • Project Number R-000035-0012-4
    • Name of the project: Wastewater Force Main Renewal and Replacement Sleepy Hollow, Telephone Road #1 and West Park #1
    • Refer the complaint to “Capital Projects”
  • Email BuildForward@houstontx.gov


Contact Contractor’s Superintendent or Project Manager below:

  • Jesse Serrano, BRH-Garver, Contractor Project Manager 832-714-0338
  • Scott Walker, BRH-Garver, Superintendent, 713-254-7978
  • Jose DeLacroz, BRH-Garver, General Foreman, 713-253-2372
  • Sherif Mohamed, United Engineers, Construction Manager, 713-271-2900
  • Tesfaye Meslin, United Engineers, Inspector, 281-546-8875 tesfayem@unitede.com


  • Ewa Chmiel, Project Manager, 832-395-2292