District H

Denver Harbor Stormwater Action Team Project

Houston Public Works will begin construction of the Denver Harbor Phase 1 Roadside Ditch Rehabilitation Project in mid-January 2020. This project will consist of the regrading of ditches and realignment of culverts in the eastern portion of Denver Harbor, pictured to the right, to increase the flow of water through the area and restore the capacity of the local drainage system. The total cost of the project is planned to be $1,955,728.

During this project, in order to restore drainage capacity, Public Works will need to use the City’s street right of way. Unfortunately, this means that any encroachments into the right of way, including fences, signs, planters, etc., will need to be relocated out of the right of way. If your property is currently encroaching into the right of way you must remove that obstruction before work begins or Public Works will need to remove it themselves and reserves the right to charge the owner for the cost of removal. If your property is encroaching you will have received a letter last month informing you of that fact, but if you are unsure please call the District H office at 832.393.3003 or email Public Works at pwecip@houstontx.gov.

For more information about this project, to see what it will look like once it is complete, and examples of encroachments into the City’s right of way, please see the linked presentation below.