Municipal Courts

Expunge / Non-Disclosure

How Do I Expunge My Record?

  1. Check-in at the Information Desk on the 1st Floor
  2. Pay the filing fee at the Public Service Counter located on the 1st Floor
    1. Juvenile Expunction Instructions - $30 fee (non-refundable)
    2. Adult Expunction Instructions - $100 fee (refund eligibility rules apply)
  3. Bring fee receipt and Expunction Petition to Room 203 for filing

City of Houston Municipal Courts
1400 Lubbock, Room 203
Houston, Texas 77002

Visit or to access samples of a petition. 

Non-Disclosure Motions/Petitions

The Non-disclosure Motion must be filed at the City of Houston Municipal Courts, 1400 Lubbock, Public Service Counter. If you reside out-of-town or cannot appear in person, i.e. disability, the Motion, with payment, can be submitted by mail.  A printable copy of a Motion can be found on the Office of Court Administration’s website:  Further information is contained in the Texas Government Code, Section 411.0765.    The non-refundable fee for filing a Non-disclosure Motion is $28.00 for each closed case within our system. If you are indigent, you may file a Pauper’s Affidavit, and after review by the Court, the filing fees may be waived.    Payment must be made in cash.  If filing by mail, the payment must be made by using Western Union’s “Quick Collect” Delivery Service with the following information:

Pay To: City of Houston Municipal Courts
Code City: Ticket
State: TX
Citation #: Include your citation number(s)