Houston Frontline Fund

The HOUSTON FRONTLINE FUND will directly benefit the City of Houston’s first responders and essential personnel. This fund will help provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the Police and Fire Department, Health Department and other essential function personnel covering the COVID-19 testing sites. The Houston Parks and Recreation Department employees will use the PPE while distributing meals at 50 Community Centers, as well as, the Green Team members who are out 7 days a week working to manage the increased park usage, including the maintenance and de-littering of each park.

Donations will support employees in the Office for Homeless Initiatives who work with ten professional Homeless Outreach Teams and staff of more than a dozen emergency shelters. Their mission is to prevent and mitigate the virus’s impact on our homeless population by creating innovative programs providing meals, transportation, quarantine spaces, and virus testing for symptomatic and asymptomatic clients.

How to Donate
Individuals and corporations can contribute to the HOUSTON FRONTLINE FUND via the DONATE button below, or by check made out to Houston Civic Events, Inc., 901 Bagby Street, 1st Floor, Houston, Texas 77002.

Point of Contact:
Susan Christian, 832-393-0868, email: susan.christian@houstontx.gov

Thank you to Reliant for your contribution to the Houston Frontline Fund.

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