government Relations

Federal Advocacy

When the City of Houston thrives, the entire nation is lifted by its success. The City of Houston and the federal government are essential to each other, and each benefit from a strong partnership.

To continue serving in its essential economic and cultural role for the United States, the City of Houston requires investment by the federal government. We require investment both to expand upon opportunities and to mitigate against the potential damage of a disaster like Hurricane Harvey – a disaster we know is somewhere on the horizon. If we do not, we are just funding for future failure.

To be an effective partner, our federal officials need to know exactly what the City needs the federal government to do to keep Houston strong. This page serves as a guide for the City of Houston’s advocacy to the federal government, including the White House, federal agencies, and the U.S. Congress.

We also seek to educate members of the public on the City of Houston’s expectations from the federal government. Members of Congress and the Executive Branch do not work for city government. They work for their constituents – who are also City of Houston residents. We want City residents to know how they can encourage their federal representatives to act in ways that can assist their city government work best.

We look forward to working together with our federal delegation and federal officials for a better city for all Houston residents.