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Success Stories

The Community Re-Entry Network Program provides workforce support and access to second-chance job opportunities to help our participants live out their dreams as productive members of the community!

Image of CRNP graduate at job site.

“I'm a graduate of the Spring 2018 class of CRNP. At first, I was reluctant to participate in the program, but in the end, it certainly paid off. I had been hoping and praying for a job and was willing to do whatever it took to put myself in the position to be hired.

Marcus WilhiteAlthough I was ready to get to work immediately, I was both patient and eager to receive the information, resources, and dialog throughout the program. I knew God had opened that door for me, and if I stayed dedicated, diligent, and determined, I would be able to walk on through it.

Now I have an opportunity to be productive in life and move forward in accomplishing my dreams and aspirations. The CRNP was a blessing to me, helped remove the stigma of my reentry, and is a testament to how the hand of God can place you before the right people, at the right time, in the most dire circumstances, to become successful.

From Ms. Selexman to Mr. Bell, to all the counselors and staff at CRNP, I've never witnessed in life a group of people who were so passionate and proactive and full of joy to see their students and fellow laborers succeed. Now, that's a testament to genuineness; that's a testament to love. And I thank you all so much.”

— Marcus Wilhite, CRNP Graduate

CRNP graduates supporting the COVID-19 call center

CRNP graduate working at call center
CRNP graduate working at call center
CRNP graduate working at call center

“The Community Re-Entry Network Program has helped me see things from a new perspective.”

— DeShane Harmon, CRNP Graduate

DeShane Harmon, CRNP Graduate

Image of CRNP graduates.