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DAWN - Services and Programs

Self-Fitness Education

Exerstart Program
Get fit with our Exerstart Program! Exerstart is a 20-week program designed for individuals looking to get into shape by introducing exercises at a moderate pace to help improve strength, endurance and flexibility. The class meets twice per week for 45 minutes

Fitness Instruction
Work out with our DAWN Fitness Trainer. He provides 1:1 personal or group instruction to ensure a safe and efficient work-out.

Walking Club
Tired of walking alone? Join the DAWN walking club and walk a 5k with us..

Garden Club
Join our gardening club for free; learn how to garden and enjoy free produce on harvest days. Gardening is great exercise and its heart healthy! The Garden Club runs from March – September.

Zumba Gold
Get groovin’ with exciting dance-fitness workouts featuring Latin and world rhythms designed for active adults or those looking for a low-impact workout.

DAWN Center Cooking Class

Knowing the Community

A World of Nutrition