Houston Health Department

Residential Pools

The Houston Health Department responds to complaints concerning improperly maintained swimming pools/spas, and reviews and regulates all new residential swimming pool/spa constructions to ensure compliance with Texas State standards for public pools and spas.

New Residential Pool Construction Plans

Please refer to the Minimum Standards for Residential Pool/Spa Plan Submission

Take completed plans to:

Houston Permitting Center
1002 Washington Avenue, Third Floor
Houston, Texas 77002

Houston Service Helpline: 3-1-1
Outside of Houston: 713-837-0311
Email: 311@houstontx.gov



Swimming pool plan review, inspection, and permit fees are found on the City of Houston fee schedule page. On the fee schedule page, search for pool-related fees by using the word "pools" in the keyword field.

Fee Payment

Pay for permit and inspection fees on the online payments page. This includes fees for spas, water features, and wading pools.

Pool Complaints

Go to pool complaint form