Houston Health Department

Smoking Ordinance



If you’re going to commit the crime you will pay the fine

September 1, 2007 the city wide ordinance was passed banning smoking in non smoking areas. These areas consist of public places, work places public or private, and with in 25 feet of any door or wheel chair ramp. This also includes any public spectator events such as sports games and public transportation stops such as light rails and bus stops. Smoking is only permitted in private residents and private clubs; private clubs are establishments that gain access by member key cards or other devices. Tobacco retail shops, ice houses and out door seating areas are also places where smoking is allowed. This ordinance is for the city of Houston only if you feel there are violations in your community contact your local health department.

The city of Houston Environmental Investigators job is to investigate complaints of smoking in non smoking areas. The power lies in the hands of the public because that is where the information of the violations comes from. Investigators perform a number of tasks during the smoking inspections that can determine if there are any violations present at any establishment. If there are violations present while inspections are taking place a citation to appear in court will be written, each time a citation is written the dollar amount will increase. 

City of Houston No Smoking Ordinance
Number 2006-1054