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Mosquito Prevention Recommendations

Reduce mosquito-breeding sites at your home:

  • Drain all standing water
  • Turn over all containers which could hold water
  • Drain and refill birdbaths daily
  • Eliminate pot plant saucers
  • Rake and remove or mulch mow magnolia leaves

Keep the storm sewers clean:

  • Do not allow lawn clipping to enter the storm sewers.  Blow the clippings into the yard or sweep them up and bag them for disposal.
  • Pick up trash around the yard such as weekly newspapers and other litter.

Protect yourself:

  • When going outside, use an insect repellent which contains the ingredient DEET.
  • Wear long sleeves and long pants when outside.
  • Make sure that mosquitoes cannot enter your home through gaps in doors, window, vents, floor cracks, etc.
  • If mosquitoes are found inside the house, swat them or use a flying insect spray to kill them.

Good neighbors work together to prevent mosquito breeding!

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