Houston Health Department

Forms and Documents


Complaints and Illness
Food Establishment Complaint Intake Form
Foodborne Illness Intake Form

Temporary Forms

Temporary Food Permit Guidelines and Forms 1 to 9 days
Temporary Food Permit Guidelines and Forms 10 days or more

Caterers’ Instructions

Conditional Employee Forms
Form A: Conditional Employee And Food Employee Interview
Form B: Conditional Employee and Food Employee Reporting Agreement
Form C: Conditional Employee or Food Employee Medical Referral
Employee Health Policy

Food Managers Certification Course
Food Managers Certification Course Manual

Public Information
Public Information Request Form  

Mobile Units

Menu Description/Disclosure for Mobile Food Units
Mobile Food Unit Standard Operating Procedures
Mobile Units Inspection Report
Route list
Standard Operating Procedures (cleaning schedule)
Property Agreement Letter
Restroom Availability Letter
Menu Disclosure
List of Approved Commissaries
List of Approved LP Gas equipment inspection sites  
Pre-inspection Unit Checklist  (Use this to make sure your unit is ready for inspection. May save you time and money.)

Supporting Houston Food Ordinance Requirements for Variances and Waivers
Request for a Variance/Exemption
Request for a Variance/Waiver Instruction Sheet
Variance or HACCP?
Application for a Variance / Exemption for Food Establishments Seeking To Permit Dogs in Outdoor Eating Areas

How to Open a Food Establishment
Certified Farmer's Market application
Frozen Dessert Sampling
Food Service Manager Reciprocity Application