Houston Health Department


How does my office benefit from agreeing to submit its out-of-care lists?.

You will receive regular patient outcome reports on the referrals you submit. HHD staff will review epidemiological data and will go into the community to locate the patients. HHD will also work to refer patients back to your office, and link them to other services such as housing, food, financial, etc.

What information will you report to me on my list of patients?

HHD Staff will provide the following reports: whether the client is deceased or incarcerated; living in another jurisdiction; currently in care; unable to be located; or re-linked to care by HHD staff.

Will my patient’s information be kept confidential?

Yes, your patient’s information will be kept confidential. HHD follows strict compliance with federal and state laws governing security, privacy, and confidentiality.

What is the easiest way to compile this list of patients?

HHD can offer your staff technical guidance on generating patient out-of-care lists.

Is there an age restriction for participants?

Patients must be 18 years of age or older.