Houston health department

ImmTrac Information for Healthcare Providers

ImmTrac, the Texas Immunization Registry, is a no-cost secure and confidential immunization registry offered by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). 

  • Consolidates and stores immunization information from multiple sources electronically in one centralized system.
  • Written consent is required for ImmTrac participation.
  • Access to the registry is limited to only those individuals who have been authorized by law.
  • ImmTrac contains over 120 million immunization records and continues to rapidly grow with increased participation.

The immunization information in ImmTrac is provided by a variety of sources, including private health-care providers, pharmacies, public health clinics, Medicaid claims administrators, and the Vital Statistics Unit. Regardless of the number of sources, each client’s immunization information is consolidated into one electronic record. Authorized professionals such as doctors, nurses, and public health providers can access clients’ vaccination histories.

The Houston Health Department provides ImmTrac education and training to provider offices, schools, daycares and other facilities. Please call 832.393.5427 for more information.

ImmTrac 2
The Department of State Health Services to launch ImmTrac2 in April 2017. ImmTrac2 will replace the current system and provide expanded capabilities users. These features include:
  • Enhanced immunization history and forecasting capabilities, including not only ACIP schedules but school and child-care compliance schedules
  • Enhanced client and immunization de-duplication functionality
  • Enhanced user account management and password reset capabilities
  • Enhanced report-generating capabilities including user-defined reports and batch recall/reminder notifications.

For the latest information, please visit the ImmTrac2 webpage.