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WICook at Home flyer for nutrition education classWICook at Home is a new self-paced class that helps you prepare WIC-approved recipes at home.

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  • Share home cooking ideas and recipes with other WIC participants. Learn from a WIC nutritionist how to make healthier food choices for you and your family.
  • Take our WICook at Home self-paced class by preparing a WIC-approved recipe at home. Show a picture of the dish you prepared along with the recipe information at your class appointment to demonstrate that you completed the class.
  • Check out the flyer and recipe card to learn how to complete this class.
  • To share your “cooking creation,” post a picture of your prepared dish along with the recipe information on our WICook at Home Facebook Group. It will save you time at the WIC office appointment and help you empower other parents to do the same!
  • To get a copy of the cookbook Let’s Cook Together, call your local WIC office at 832-393-5427. Supplies are limited and provided on a first come, first served basis!

We offer nutrition education, nutrition counseling, and breastfeeding support.

Questions? Please call: 832-393-5427

Nutrition Education

WIC is a unique food assistance program. In addition to health monitoring and referrals, a central mission of the WIC program is to improve the health of women, infants and children by providing quality nutrition and breastfeeding counseling and education.

Currently, due to the Cocid-19 pandemic, in-office visits for face-to-face or group education class appointments are suspended until further notice.

Image of woman teaching nutrition to family

nutrition Education counseling

During appointments for enrollment, renewal of benefits and food package changes, a WIC nutritionist will perform the health/nutrition screening and deliver nutrition education over the phone.

We focus on promoting health and minimizing nutritional risks. During WIC certification visits, nutritionists can discuss your concerns about food choices and feeding skills, physical activity, weight control, anemia prevention, and healthy eating while pregnant or breastfeeding.

We also offer individual counseling and phone consultations from Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) for nutrition related challenges such as unintended weight loss, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Nutrition Education Class Choices

Image of family preparing food in kitchenFor benefit issuance appointments (often called class pick appointments), you have several choices for receiving nutrition education activities, and all can be completed in the convenience of your home. Choices are described below:

  1. Online classes at Texas WIC.
  2. Click and learn classes: Clients can complete a self-paced click and learn class at a time that is convenient for them. Newer classes include:

  3. Live Classes. Clients have the opportunity to learn and engage with a live expert on a variety of nutrition and breastfeeding topics and have their questions answered in real-time. Classes are offered at set days and times. The live classes are posted in the Texas WIC Express each week and a monthly calendar is sent to directors. See below for upcoming live class options.
  4. WICook at Home. In this class you will get nutrition education credit as you choose your recipe form an approved WIC source, enjoying eating it with family and friends. Here are the steps to complete this class:
    • Select a recipe from from Texas WIC food and recipes or ChooseMyPlate.
    • Take a picture of your recipe and enjoy eating it with family and or friends!
    • Complete the “WICook at Home Card" to tell us where you got your recipe and which food groups you included.
    • Show a picture of your recipe and the WICook at Home complete card at your WIC visit.

Download this flyer to learn about the WICook at Home program, how to take a self-paced class, and how to join our Facebook group (English and Spanish).

Breastfeeding Support

Image of woman and baby breastfeeding
  1. Peer Counselors. WIC mothers who have worked through their own breastfeeding challenges; they are trained and ready to provide mother-to-mother breastfeeding encouragement and support. They can also help you with using a breast pump and developing a breastfeeding plan for when you return to work or school.
  2. Breast pump program. We offer manual and electric breast pumps to help you to initiate and maintain breastfeeding. To be eligible for a free breast pump, you and your baby must be actively enrolled in WIC. If you have not received through your healthcare plan a breast pump that works for you, call us at: 832-393-5427.
  3. Lactation consultant home visitation program. International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (healthcare professionals who specialize in the clinical management of breastfeeding) provide home visitation services to assess your breastfeeding needs and support your goals.
    To schedule your home visit with a lactation consultant:
Image of woman and baby breastfeeding