Houston Health Department

Houston Peace: Youth Violence Prevention

Houston Peace is a comprehensive strategic plan for preventing youth violence with a vision that youth in Houston are safe, healthy, and have hope for the future.

Houston Peace logoViolence poses a serious threat to the safety, health, and future of Houston’s youth. The outcomes of violence vary, and at most can lead to physical and/or psychological harm or even death.

Types of youth violence

  • Teen dating violence. Can be physical, emotional, psychological, or sexual.
  • Gang violence. Illegal and nonpolitical acts of violence perpetrated by gangs against property, ordinary people, or members of other gangs.
  • Gun violence. When a gun or firearm is present when a youth (ages 10-24) uses force or power to threaten or harm others.
  • Structural violence. A social arrangement that puts individuals and populations in harm’s way.
  • School-based violence. Violence that can disrupt the learning process and have a negative effect on students, the school itself, and the broader community.

Program goals

  • Prevent youth violence. Address youth violence at different levels of the socio-ecological model, and acknowledge that we must approach violence beyond prevention, and incorporate intervention and re-entry components.
  • Promote youth health. Help youth to develop healthy behaviors surrounding their physical, mental, and behavioral health choices.
  • Provide youth opportunities. Provide workforce training and promote completion of secondary education.

Get involved

  • Listen to youth around you and develop strategies with their input
  • Talk to your neighbors about youth health, safety, and opportunity
  • Seek youth voice for decision-making in your organization
  • Engage your organization in the Youth Violence Prevention Coalition
  • Talk about how images of violence affect you and others
  • Host a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design project

image:photo of young people


Thank you to all of the organizations, community partners, and individuals that have contributed to the advancement of our community and to the prevention of youth violence in our city.