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Office of Health Planning, Evaluation And Research For Effectiveness (Opere)

Welcome to the Office of Health Planning, Evaluation and Research For Effectiveness (Opere), formerly known as CHS and Chper, a program within the division of the Office of Surveillance and Public Health Preparedness of the Houston Health Department.

Created in 2006, it comprises epidemiologists, statisticians, qualitative researchers and GIS analysts who collaborate with multiple partners within and outside the department for research, analysis, interpretation and sharing of information on the health issues that affect our communities.

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Community Profiles of Super Neighborhoods - The City of Houston is divided into 88 super neighborhoods, each with its own particular characteristics and public health concerns. Review your community’s health indicators and compare them to those of other super neighborhoods.

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Geospatial Views of Community HealthSee the way that various health conditions and public health indicators are distributed across the city, by zip code, or by super neighborhood.