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Facts and Resources
Looking for more resources related to transforming communities into livable places? The following fact sheets and resources are good places to learn more about some of the different aspects of building healthy and whole communities. This list is not comprehensive; rather, it is offered here as useful places to start your exploration.

Facts about Chronic Disease in Texas

Initiatives in the Community that work

Migrant Health Promotion
These are programs that are geared towards improving the health of those that live
in farmworker and border communities.

Live Well Colorado
A nonprofit organization in Colorado focusing on policy, environmental and
lifestyle changes to promote healthy eating and active living.

LA Quits
An initiative led by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to reduce tobacco smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke through policy and environmental changes.


Community Initiative Network
A network with expertise in helping other communities plan and implement change to build healthy communities.

Health and Human Services Communities Putting Prevention to Work Initiative
Provided funds to those at the community level with an emphasis on policy and environmental change to build and sustain healthier communities.


Useful Articles

CDC Community Transformation
The CDC website that provides all the information about what the Community Transformation Grants are and what they are to be used for.

How Community Transformation Grants are affecting Health Disparities

The Investment of Community Transformation Grants in Community Health

Defining Community Capacity Building
This research article provides a definitional framework about what capacity building and provides two case studies to see capacity building at work.

Community Capacity Building
Gives a detail definition of what capacity building looks like at the community level

Sustainability Planning Guide
CDC and partners have created a planning guide for those that work in communities to sustain the programs that they plan to implement for healthy communities.

Prevention Institute
The prevention institute provides a profile of 11 different neighborhoods throughout the country that improved the built environment that led to transformation for healthier communities.

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