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Neighborhood Mow-Down Program

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The Neighborhood Mow Down Program began as a pilot program in October 2013 to help tackle the problem of overgrown, abandoned lots in Houston. In partnership with Keep Houston Beautiful 501(c)(3), the program supports civic groups and nonprofit organizations to maintain abandoned lots in their neighborhoods and help eliminate eyesores and public safety hazards.

How the Program Works
Mow Down in ActionThe program offers community groups a modest fee for mowing City-approved lots.  The first mowing is carried out by City crews to make sure any dangerous material is removed and that it is safe for community partners to mow.  Then, the community groups take responsibility for the lots.  Participating groups are paid $50 for each approved cut once the work has been completed and verified.   Keep Houston Beautiful provides participating groups with access to tools and supplies for the projects.

Abandoned properties approved for the program are located throughout the city.  Participating groups are assigned to an approved property in their neighborhood. Civic associations and nonprofit organizations interested in maintaining a City-approved abandoned property are eligible to apply for participation in the program.

Quality of Life
The Mow Down program improves the quality of life in neighborhoods by eliminating overgrown lots. Overgrown lots bring down property value and create dangerous conditions in neighborhoods. Working together, we help create conditions to empower neighborhoods to create positive change, build unity, and support neighborhood pride.

Efficiency and Savings
The Mow Down program makes it easier for community organizations to partner with the City of Houston to maintain lots in communities. Because of our cost-savings, we are able to eliminate more weeded lots for less money. At $50 per cut versus a conservative estimate of $300 per cut by a City contractor, the program has saved the City approximately $275,000.

How You Can Partner With Us:

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