Shell Freedom Over Texas

David De La Garza with the Houston Latin All Stars

Houston Latin All StarsBorn and raised in Seguin, TX, "Five-time GRAMMY winner David de la Garza" was born into a musical family. His father, along with 7 of his brothers, made sure music was always a part of David’s life. David’s father started him early in the music business, making him get up on stage at the age of 7.

By the age of 16, David was a full-fledged music veteran. He was playing music full time, going away on weekends and being back in school by Monday morning. It was after graduating high school that David’s life would change forever.

In 1988 Tejano supergroup LA MAFIA was looking to add a keyboard player to their group and had been hearing about David through many people. He joined the band in January of 1989, right at the time when LA MAFIA were making a change from a Tejano sound to more of an international sound that led them to many years of worldwide success.

During the 1990’s LA MAFIA were able to cross many boundaries that “Tejano” bands weren’t supposed to cross. Selling out venues such as the Houston astrodome, to playing in front of 100,000 people in Mexico city. It was in the 90’s that David was able to get his first 2 Grammys’ with the band(receiving his other three in 2004 and 2005 and 2020).

It was in 2006 that David to fulfill his dream of having his own band and playing the kind of music that he wanted. Although still a key member of La Mafia, he's able to stretch out musically on his own, playing anything from Classic Rock, Latin, to R&B, to anything the crowd wants to hear.

This year at Shell Freedom Over Texas, David will bring fellow musicians, Arturo Salizar, Barbie Flores, Bebo Hinojosa and Sol Muniz to the Dr Pepper Stage in Eleanor Tinsley Park.