Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor Turner Sends Tex-Mex to Kansas City, Wishes All the Best to its Football Team

January 17, 2020 -- Kansas City is experiencing an ice storm today, but its city hall will be warm once it receives delivery of some of the best Tex-Mex cuisine Houston has to offer.

This morning, Irma's Original Restaurant prepared a variety of fresh foods to deliver on behalf of Mayor Sylvester Turner to Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas.

Prior to the Jan. 12 AFC Divisional Round playoff game, the mayors placed a friendly wager, with Mayor Turner promising Tex-Mex food if Kansas City won and Mayor Lucas waging BBQ and beer if Houston won.

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"Houston always delivers on its promise," Mayor Turner said. "We are proud of our team, but the game did not end in our favor. In a handwritten note, I told Mayor Lucas that I hope he and his staff enjoy the food. I wish all the best to the Kansas City Chiefs. We'll see them next season."

"We got up early this morning to cook chicken mole, pork roast tamales, refried beans with chorizo, Mexican rice, black Angus fajitas, pork taquitos, and fresh tortillas. I hope they enjoy it. We put a lot of love in it today, " said Irma Galvan, who owns and operates Irma's Original located at 22 N Chenevert St.

In addition to Irma's Original Restaurant, the city of Houston thanks Southwest Airlines for flying the food to Kansas City and Sysco for helping Irma's restaurant properly package the fresh, fragile cargo.

Unfortunately, Kansas City is experiencing winter weather that is delaying air travel. Delivery of the food has been pushed back several hours.