Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor Turner Calls for Calm in the City of Houston and Encourages Demonstrators to Protest Peacefully and Respectfully in Memory of George Floyd

Mayor Turner talks about the march and protests held at City Hall. The Mayor acknowledges the pain and frustration many people are feeling and appeals to the public to keep the protests and demonstrations peaceful.

May 29, 2020 -- Following a march and rally in downtown Houston near city hall Friday afternoon, Mayor Sylvester Turner urged protestors to stay calm and not commit acts of vandalism as they seek justice for George Floyd, a former Houston resident who was died in the custody of Minneapolis Police Officers.

Floyd's tragic death was caught on video and has sparked unrest throughout the country. On Friday afternoon, Minneapolis authorities arrested the former police officer seen kneeling on Floyd's neck for nine minutes as he repeatedly said that he could not breathe.

"I extend my condolences and prayers to George Floyd's family," Mayor Turner said about the 55-year-old who grew up in Third Ward and graduated from Jack Yates High School.

"The pain, anger, and frustration are evident and understandable. People have a right to march and demonstrate. As Houston's mayor, I ask people throughout our city to protest peacefully and respectfully."

Mayor Turner also warned protestors not to block roads or streets or engage in other destructive activity.

"In this city, we value human life. We value every person regardless of the neighborhood where you were born and reared. We also recognize that communities and law enforcement must work together on the same team and moving in the same direction," Mayor Turner said.