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City of Houston Files Nuisance Lawsuit Against Bar with History of Criminal Activity

Mayor Sylvester Turner announces lawsuit filed by City of Houston against nuisance establishment

February 23, 2022 -- Mayor Sylvester Turner announced today the City of Houston has filed a Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Chapter 125 common nuisance lawsuit seeking a temporary and permanent injunction against the owners of Spivey’s Bar and Lounge located at 3000 Blodgett St., the owner of the property, and the property itself.

The lawsuit alleges that Spivey’s and the property owner allow aggravated assaults and shootings to habitually occur on the premises and fail to take reasonable measures to abate such criminal activity.

The lawsuit is part of Mayor Turner’s commitment to fight crime and protect neighborhoods as outlined in his One Safe Houston plan.

“The City will be aggressive in saying to irresponsible businesses and others that they have a responsibility to make sure they are protecting their customers and neighbors,” said Mayor Turner. “We will take whatever steps we need to take to shut down dangerous businesses.”

On Monday, the mayor joined neighbors from the MacGregor Super Neighborhood and Riverside Civic Association as they expressed concern over increasing crime in their community after five people were shot in a fight that spilled into the streets at Spivey's at the corner of Blodgett and Ennis last week.