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COVID-19 Related Resources for Small Businesses

Resources for Restaurateurs, Grocers, and Hospitality - Related Businesses

Capital / Financial Impacts

Alternative Revenue Solutions

  •  Mercato
    • Mercato is an online ordering and delivery service built for independent grocers and sellers.
    • Fact sheet in the folder with key takeaways and contact information
  • Dining Bond Initiative
    • Similar to government-issued war bonds- the Dining Bond Initiative seeks to bring in immediate cash in exchange for future restaurant purchases.  Diners can buy gift certificates sold at a 25% discount ($100 worth of food for a $75 bond) to be redeemed in the restaurant within the next month or two, depending on how individual restaurants decide to honor the bonds
    • This program is open to all restaurants
    • How it works:
      •  Establish a way to sell dining bonds through your website, by phone, or regular mail (the transaction will be directly between you and the customer)
      • Create a separate page on your website outlining your individual dining bond and terms and conditions.  This should outline
        • Where to purchase bonds/gift certificates
        • The amount of the bond at face value and the purchase price
        • The earliest date the bond can be redeemed
      • Fill out and submit the form (on the linked website) to appear on the list of participating restaurants
    • Fisherman Setting up a takeout/delivery portion of your website:
      • Free Website: Fisherman is offering free website services and assistance in setting up takeout/delivery for any restaurant for the next 6 months. 
      • What to do: Fill out the attached form and they will reach out and begin managing and building a google presence
      • What’s included in the package? Web hosting, a custom domain, a modern mobile-optimized website, SSL security, and access to their website editor
    • Gift Card Options for Small Businesses

Food Business-specific COVID-19 and crisis management resources

Resources (financial and otherwise) to share with Staff

  • Supporting workers in crisis - One Fair Wage → Emergency Coronavirus Tipped and Service Worker Support Fund.  Provides cash assistance to restaurant workers, car service drivers, delivery workers, personal service workers and more who need the money they aren’t getting to survive.