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Knowing where to get trusted emergency information is important.  There are a variety of ways to get official information when it matters most:


The City of Houston Office of Emergency Management (OEM) maintains the AlertHouston system, which shares important, life-saving information via email and social media to Houston residents.  To sign up for alerts about emergencies that can affect your neighborhood and the whole city, visit  Also - follow AlertHouston on Twitter @AlertHouston and Facebook at

911 Emergency Notification System

When emergencies happen in neighborhoods, the City uses a variety of tools to communicate with those affected.  The Greater Harris County 911 Network operates the 911 Emergency Notification System (ENS) which will pulse out a phone call to all landlines in a specific area.   Additionally, for those without landlines, the system allows you to opt-in to receive the call on your mobile or digital phone, as well as receive the message as an SMS Text and Email.  For more information, or to register your mobile or digital phone, visit

Houston Emergency Information Center

Visit for up-to-date information on emergencies when they occur in Houston.  This site also has links to weather, energy restoration, traffic and other emergency information during times of crisis. 


Houston's local radio and television stations play a key role in helping inform residents about emergency situations.  Houston's two local Emergency Alert System (EAS) stations are KUHF 88.7FM and KTRH 740AM.  They will receive information first, and then it will be pulsed out to all other radio and television stations in our area.

Wireless Emergency Alerts

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) are sent by authorized officials when life-threatening situations are occurring.  These include severe weather warnings, such as Tornadoes, Flash Floods and Hurricanes.  Local authorities, including the City of Houston, have access to this system to help broadcast short, important messages to local residents.  Make sure your phone is set to receive WEA messages.  You have the ability to opt-in or out of AMBER alerts and Emergency Alerts.  Please, at the very least, ensure that Emergency Alerts are active on your phone.  Contact your phone carrier if you have problems accessing these settings on your device.