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Civic Clubs Directory

The Mayor's Assistance Office assists interested stakeholders in gathering information on Civic Clubs. Once a council successfully completes all the preliminary steps, which include gathering diverse stakeholder representation, creating an organizational structure and drafting by-laws they are recognized by the Mayor. In some cases, Super Neighborhoods (SN) collaborate to form one joint council.

Information on Civic Clubs

Organization CD / SN Officer Email Website Meetings Info Meeting Address / ZIP
Alief Community Association, Inc F-25 Alief Marie D Lee, President marie-lee@sbcglobal.net acahouston.org Monthy 1st Wednesday 11:30 am 11110. Bellaire Blvd 77072
Audubon Place Association, Inc. C-24 Neartown / Montrose Kevin Topek, President pres@audubonplace.net audubonplace.net Quarterly 6:30 pm 77006
Autumn Glenn HOA D-77 Minnetex Tiffany Sanford, Community Manager Tsanford@spectrumam.com Quarterly 6:30 pm 77048
Avalon Property Owners Association G-23 Afton Oaks / River Oaks Steven R Biegel, Vice President and Board Member steve.biegel@ngkf.com Annually 77019
Binglewood Civic Club A-85 Spring Branch Central Joanne Cortez, President contact@binglewood.com binglewood.com Monthly, except for June, July & August 2nd Saturday 9:30 am 77080
Bonham Acres Civic Association J-30 Braeburn Tim Hatton, President timhatton202@yahoo.com
Braeburn Glen Civic Club J-30 Braeburn David Hernandez, President braeburnglen@gmail.com braeburnglen.org Monthly Tuesday 7:00 pm 9505 Braeburn Glen Blvd 77074
Braesmont Civic Club C-31 Meyerland Harold A Eaton, President haeaton@gmail.com braesmont.org 2 per year 7:00 pm
Briargate Community Improvement Association K-41 Fort Bend / Houston Pat Jones, President briargate7002@att.net briargatecia.org Quarterly 3rd Monday 6:30 pm 77459
Briarhills Property Owners Association G-17 Eldridge / West Oaks Stephanie Brewster, Officer briarhills@sbcglobal.net briarhillspoa.org Monthly 2nd Monday 6:30 pm 77077
Camp Logan Memorial Civic Club C-22 Washington Avenue Coalition / Memorial Park James Simmons, President James007@wt.net January, April, July, October Last Tuesday 7:00 pm St. Theresa Catholic Church, 6622 Haskell St., Houston, TX 77007
Candlelight Oaks Civic club A-12 Central Northwest Sandy Leone Ericksen, President board@candlelightoaks.com candlelightoaks.com monthly 2nd Thursday 7:30 pm 77091
Canfield Oaks Civic Association D-67 Greater Third Ward Jerry W Shepherd, forushep@aol.com Monthly 2nd Saturday 1:30 pm 77004
Carver Estate Civic Club B-06 Acres Home Michael Thibodeaux, President michaelThib2010@hotmail.com Monthly 3rd Monday 7:00 pm 77091
Clairmont Place Civic Organization B-49 East Houston Vicky Y Martin, President ClairmontPlaceCivic@gmail.com Monthly 3rd Thursday 6:30 pm 8011 Feland 77028
Clark Pines Civic Assoc., Inc. C-15 Greater Heights David Craig Charvoz, President dc2305@gmail.com clarkpines.org Quarterly 4th Saturday 5:00 pm 77008
Cottage Grove Civic Club C-22 Washington Avenue Coalition / Memorial Park Ian Fortney, President ian.fortney@gmail.com cottagegrovehouston.com Quarterly Wednesday (tbd on 3rd or 4th) 8:00 pm 77007
Courtlandt Place Civic Association, Inc. C-24 Neartown / Montrose Robert M Taylor, President taylor@cpdhouston.com Quarterly 6:30 pm
Cresmtont Plaza Civic Club D-76 South Acres / Crestmont Park Bernice Hill, president bernice.hill1@aim.com 3rd Thursday 7:00 pm 77048
Crestmont Park Civic Association D-76 South Acres / Crestmont Park Charles A Cave, President buildonsuccess@gmail.com crestmontpark.org Other Month 1st Tuesday 6:30 pm Crestmont Park, 5200 Selinsky 77048
Crestmont Plaza Civic Club D-76 South Acres / Crestmont Park Bernice Hill, President bernice.hill1@aim.com Monthly 3rd Thursday 7:00 pm `3rd Thursday 77048
Crestwood Civic Club G-22 Washington Avenue Coalition / Memorial Park Tamela Hamilton, President president@crestwoodglencove.org crestwoodglencove.org Monthly 6:30 pm 77007
Eastwood Civic Association I-64 Greater Eastwood Karen F Moore, President info@eastwoodcivicassociation.org eastwoodcivicassociation.org Monthly 1st Monday 6:30 pm 4501 Leeland St, Houston, TX 77023
Ella Park Terrace Civic Club B-06 Acres Home Betty McCray, President bettmccray@aol.com Monthly 2nd. Tuesday 7:00 pm 77091
First Montrose Commons Neighborhood Association C-24 Neartown / Montrose Stephen Longmire, Officer president@firstmontrosecommons.org firstmontrosecommons.org Monthly 3rd Tuesday 7:00 pm TheHighSchoolForThePerformingAndVisualArts!, 4010 Stanford, Room 101 77006
First Ward Civic Club, Inc. H-22 Washington Avenue Coalition / Memorial Park Mandy Nahmias, President nnate72@gmail.com firstwardhouston.org Monthly 2nd Tuesday 6:30 PM 77007
Forrest Lake Townhome Association C-05 Greater Inwood Jamie Ebrom, General Manager Office@Forrestlake.com forrestlake.com Monthly 3rd Thursday 7:00 pm 77092
Freeway Manor Civic Club, Inc. E-79 Edgebrook Nick Crnkovic, President nick.crnkovic.sr@gmail.com Jan, April, July, & October Last Thursdays 7:30 pm 2217 Theta 77034
Garden Oaks Civic Club C-12 Central Northwest Mark L Stubbs, President president@gardenoaks.org gardenoaks.org Monthly 1st Tuesday 7:00 pm
Glen Park Civic Club H-51 Near Northside Kiki Przewlocki, Leadership Team kikiprzewlocki@gmail.com 77009
Glenbrook Valley Civic Club I-73 Golfcrest / Bellfort / Reveille Ann Collum, President civicclub@glenbrookvalley.org glenbrookvalley.org January, April, May September, October, November 3rd Thursday 7:00 pm Glenbrook Valley United Methodist Church, 8635 Glen Valley
Glenshire Community Association K-36 Brays Oaks Shirley L Terry, Property Manager glenshireboard@att.net glenshire.org monthly 2nd Wednesday 7:00 pm 77031
Greater Magnolia/Pineview Civic Club I-82 Magnolia Park Victor Villarreal, President vcv@att.net greatermagnoliaparkcivicclub.com Monthly 2nd Monday 6:00 pm 7037 Capital Street 77011
Greater Wrenwood Civic Club A-10 Spring Branch West Ann T Givens, President greaterwrenwood@hotmail.com even months 1st Thursday 7:00 pm Sherwood elementary School 77043
Green Meadows Civic Club B-06 Acres Home Ruby Jewel Bennett, President bettmccray@aol.com Monthly 4th Wednesday 7:00 pm 77091
Green Valley Estates Civic Club Section 123 K-41 Fort Bend / Houston Donna Thomas, President dd2thm@yahoo.com None Quarterly 77053
Groveland Terrace Civic Club B-57 Pleasantville Vincent F Duncan, Officer vinceforus@gmail.com 77029
Heathercrest Post Oak Village Civic Club K-39 Fondren Gardens R Allen, President heathercrestcc@gmail.com Monthly 4th Thursday 6:30 pm Fountain of Praise Center 13950 Hillcroft, 77045 77045
Hilshire Village Civic Club A-10 Spring Branch West Judy Shields, President jantshields@yahoo.com hilshirevillagetexas.com Monthly 2nd Monday 7:00 pm 77055
Houston Heights Association C-15 Greater Heights Lauriel Hindman, Officer info@houstonheights.org;landuse@houstonheights.org Monthly 2nd Monday 7:30 pm 77008
Houston Meadowbrook Association I-75 Meadowbrook / Allendale Madelyn Orta, President Madelyn@HoustonMeadowbrookAssociation.org houstonmeadowbrookassociation.org Monthly 3rd Tuesdays 6:30 pm Virtual Meeting 77017
Hyde Park Civic Association C-24 Neartown / Montrose Christopher Delphin, President president@hydeparkhouston.org hydeparkhouston.org. Monthly First Tuesday 7:00 pm Rudyard’s British Pub 77006
Idylwood Civic Club I-88 Lawndale / Wayside Laura Manion, President president@idylwood.org idylwood.org Monthly 3rd Tuesday 7:30 pm St Austin Center, 2002 S. Wayside Drive 77023
Kennedy Heights Civic Association D-71 Sunnyside Leroy West, President professor5830@yahoo.com Monthly 3rd Tuesday 6:30 pm Sunnyside Multi-Service Center
Keswick Place-Ramblewood Park Civic Club, Inc. K-40 Central Southwest Linda F Scurlock, President keswickramblewood.cicicclub@gmail.com keswickplace-ramblewoodparkcc.org Monthly 2nd Tuesday 7:00 pm Hiram Clarke HPD Storefront, 4363 W Fuqua, 77045 77245
Knollwood Village Civic Club K-32 Braeswood Cheryl O'Brien, Board member clpobrien@comcast.net Quarterly 77025
Lazybrook Civic Club C-14 Lazybrook / Timbergrove Kurt Swafford, Vice President vicepresident@lazybrook.org Jan, Mar, May, Sep Nov 4th Tuesday 7:00 pm 1822 W 18th St (or Zoom) - Lazybrook Baptist Church 77008
Leawood West Home Owners Association F-25 Alief Marisa Demaya, President modsurfr75@yahoo.com Quarterly 4th Thursday/Saturday (for annual Meeting) 7:00 pm 77072
Macgregor Palm Terrace Association D-68 Greater OST / South Union JoAnna Chevalier, President jomxcx@yahoo.com Monthly 2nd Monday 7:00 pm 77021
Magnolia Grove Civic Association C-22 Washington Avenue Coalition / Memorial Park Crystal Franks, President magnolia.grove007@gmail.com magnoliagrovecivicclub.org/ Odd Months 2nd Tuesday 77007
Mangum Manor Civic Club, Inc. C-12 Central Northwest Robert Smith, Treasurer contact@mangummanor.org mangummanor.org 7 meetings annually 7:00 pm 4141 Costa Rica 77092
Maplewood Civic Club C-31 Meyerland Phil Kunetka, President president@maplewoodcivicclub.org maplewoodcivicclub.org Monthly 2nd Wednesday 7:00 [m 77081
Montie Beach Civic Club H-15 Greater Heights Peggy Robinson, President Peggy@montiebeach.org montiebeach.org even months 1st Thursday 7:00 pm 915 Northwood St., Houston, TX 77009 77009
Museum Park Neighborhood Assn D-66 Museum Park Sandra Stevens, President info@museumparkna.org museumparkna.org Monthly 1st Wednesday 6:00 pm 77004
New Progressive Civic Club B-50 Settegast Tobie Benjamin Ross, President tross@pdq.net Monthly 2nd Saturday 10:00 am 77028
New South Union Civic Association D-68 Greater OST / South Union Jarita Laddimore Mitchell, Chair sunionca@gmail.com Monthly 3rd Monday 6:30pm
Nob Hill Civic Association A-10 Spring Branch West Carla P Jones, Organizer carlaj1s@gmail.com monthly 3rd Wednesday 7:00 pm 10214 Barwood Dr. 77043
Norhill Neighborhood Association H-15 Greater Heights Pedro Ayarzagoitia, Super Neighborhood Delegate pvayarza@icloud.com Monthly. Last Tuesday 6:30 pm Proctor Plaza Park, 803 W. Temple, Houston, Texas 77009
North Lindale Neighborhood H-45 Northside / Northline Lewis Prentis Wood, President Quete@swbell.net Odd Months 2nd Tuesday 6:30 pm 6300 Irvington, 77022 77022
Oakpark Square HOA C-62 Midtown Christopher Johnston, cjohnst@gmail.com 77006
Oakridge Houston Civic Club H-13 Independence Heights Donna Lomax, President praytohim7@aol.com Quarterly 4th Thursday 7:00 pm 422 Fenn 77018
Old Sixth Ward Neighborhood Association H-22 Washington Avenue Coalition / Memorial Park Danni Sabota, President president@old6ward.org every other month 3rd Monday 6:30 pm Zoom, 1900 Kane St. 77007
Old Spring Branch Civic Association A-10 Spring Branch West Jo N Lightsey, President jojonl@sbcglobal.net oldspringbranch.org Monthly 1st Thursday 7:00 pm Trini Mendenhall Community Center, 1414 Wirt 77055
Outpost Estates Civic Club, Inc. A-04 Fairbanks / Northwest Crossing Angie Lapp, President oecivic@gmail.com Quarterly Varies 77041
Piney Point Civic Club F-20 Mid-West Carolyn Boozer, President pineypointcivicclub@yahoo.com Monthly 2nd Tuesday 7:00 pm 3402 Amanda 77063
Precinct 287 Civic Association K-38 Near Southwest Edith Napoleon, Officer e_napoleon@yahoo.com
Precinct 576 Civic Association B-06 Acres Home Aubrey Davis, President aubreydavis0475@att.net Monthly 2nd. Tuesday 7:00 pm 77091
Prince Square Civil Association B-55 Greater Fifth Ward Alvin David Byrd, President abyrd@swbell.net Monthly TBA 77026
Rice Military Civic Club C-22 Washington Avenue Coalition / Memorial Park Mark Fairchild, President president@ricemilitarycc.org ricemilitarycc.org Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct 2nd Thursday 6:30 pm 77007
Richwood Place Civic Association C-24 Neartown / Montrose John J Geiss , President jgeissjr@comcast.net richwoodplace.wordpress.com/ Monthly 1st Monday 7:00 pm 77098
Ridgegate Community Improvement Association K-41 Fort Bend / Houston Cynthia Sidney, President csidney52@gmail.com InsideEagleSprings.com Quarterly 1st Tuesday 7:00 pm 5855 West Ridgecreek Dr. 77346
Ridgemont Comm Improvement Association K-41 Fort Bend / Houston Reggie Lewis, Officer ridgemontcia@sbcglogal.net ridgemontcia.com Quarterly 3rd Tuesday 7:00 pm 5011 Ridgecreek Cir. 77053
Riverside Civic Assocation D-83 Macgregor Joy Sewing, iamjoysewing@gmail.com riversidecivicassociation.org Montlhy 2nd Thursday 6:00 pm 77004
Riverside Terrace Alliance for Beautification D-83 Macgregor Rachel Paxton, President info@rtabhouston.con rtabhouston.com Quarterly 3rd Tuesday 7:00 pm 3015 N MacGregor Way 77004
Ryon Addition Action Association H-51 Near Northside Monique Howard, Executive Director Ryoncivic@gmail.com monthly 3Rd Wednesday 6:00 pm 77009
Shadow Oaks Civic Club, Inc. A-10 Spring Branch West William "Bill" Reese, President PRESIDENT@SOCA.ORG soca.org Quarterly 2nd Tuesday 7:00 pm 77043
Sharpstown Civic Association J-26 Sharpstown Scott Gilbert, Operations Manager Sharpstowncivic@gmail.com sharpstowncivic.org Monthly 4th Thursday 6:30 pm 6815 Redding Rd, 77036 77036
Sheraton Oaks Civic Association A-05 Greater Inwood Virginia Lambert, Treasurer sohi.houston@gmail.com
Silverdale Civic Club H-51 Near Northside Lynnette Tello, President mhlt@att.net 4 times a year. every 3 months Thursdays 6:00 p.m. 77009
Songwood Civic Association I-58 Northshore Debbie Wilson, Secretary songwoodnews@aol.com Monthly 1st Thursday 7:00 pm 77029
South MacGregor Civic Club, Inc. D-83 Macgregor Brenda C Rogers, President br46@sbcglobal.net southmacgregorcivicinc.org February, May September 2nd Thursday 7:00 pm Judson Robinson Center, 2020 Hermann Dr. 77004
Southampton Civic Club C-28 University Place Kathryn Easterly, Executive Director info@southamptoncivicclub.org southamptoncivicclub.org Monthly except for certain months 3rd Tuesday 7:00 pm Varies 77005
Southampton Extension Property Owners Assoc C-28 University Place Ann Hightower , President info@southamptionexyensionpoa.com southamptonextensionpoa.com Annually January 7:00 pm 77005
Southwest Manor Civic Club K-40 Central Southwest Herman A Walker, President hwalker51@att.net Evan Month 2nd Tuesday 6:00 pm 5330 W Orem, Houston TX 77045 77045
Southwood Place Civic Club C-36 Brays Oaks Arjumand Mubaarak, Officer samubaarak@yahoo.com southwoodplacecivicclub.org Monthly 3rd Thursday 3:30 pm 77231
Spring Branch Civic Association A-10 Spring Branch West Cyd Dillahunty, Treasurer sbcivicassn@gmail.com springbranchcivic.com Monthly 1st Thursday 7:00 pm
Spring Branch Oaks Civic Association A-85 Spring Branch Central Michael Lewis, President mslewis.lu@gmail.com springbranchoaks.com Annually 3rd Tuesday in October 7:00 pm 1656 Blalock Road, Houston, TX 77080
Spring Shadows Civic Association Inc A-84 Spring Branch North David N Van Bergen, Chair Community and Government Affairs Committtee sect3b.ssca@gmail.com springshadows.org Monthly 3rd Monday 6:45 pm 10355 Centrepark Dr. 77043
Sunbeam Curry Civic Club H-46 Eastex - Jensen Tebben Lewis, President Sunbeamcurrycivicclub@gmail.com facebook.com/pages/category/Community-Organization/Sunbeam-Curry-Civic-Club-1066059966861302/ Monthly 4th Sunday 6:00 pm 8317 Curry Rd 77093
Sunnyland Civic Club I-71 Sunnyside Tracy Stephens , President sunnysidecivicclubinc@gmail.com SunnysideCivicClub.org 77051
The Official Sunnyside Civic Club D-71 Sunnyside Tracy Stephens, President sunnysidecivicclubinc@gmail.com sunnysidecivicclub.org/ Monthly 2nd Tuesday 6:30 pm HPD Store Front, 3511 Reed Rd 77051
Timbergrove Manor Civic Club C-14 Lazybrook / Timbergrove Chris Elliott, President president@timbergrove.org timbergrove.org Monthly 2nd Tuesday 6:30 pm Sinclair Elementary Cafeteria 6410 Grovewood Ln, Houston, TX 77008 77008
Trinity Gardens Civic Club B-48 Trinity / Houston Gardens Kathy Gunter, Houstongarden1@yahoo.com 1st Tuesday 6:00 pm 77028
Verde Forest Civic Association B-49 East Houston Carolyn Jones, President car2jones6750@sbcglobal.net Monthly 2nd Wednesday each month 7:00 pm 10118 Tidwell Road 77078
Vermont Commons Civic Association C-24 Neartown / Montrose Jeanette Hix, Lead Director- President hix@rmi.net vccahouston.org Monthly except for July and August 2nd Monday 6:30 pm 77019
We The People Of: Sunnyside Garden/ Bayou Estates D-71 Sunnyside Travis L McGee, President mcgeetravis@sbcglobal.net Monthly 3rd Tuesday 6:30 pm 77033
West End Civic Club, Inc C-22 Washington Avenue Coalition / Memorial Park Howard Watson, President howard@westendcivicclub.org freewebs.com/westendcivicclub/ Monthly 2nd Thursday 6:00 pm Meetings currently via Zoom 77007
West Lane Place Civic Association G-23 Afton Oaks / River Oaks Gilda B Bayegan, President gildabb@msn.com Wlpca.org 77027-5606
West Riverside Civic Club D-83 Macgregor Martha Failing, President mfailing@mindspring.com 2509 Rosedale St, Houston, Texas 77004
Westbury Civic Club, Inc. K, C-37 Westbury Cindy Chapman, President wccpresident@westburycrier.com westburycrier.com/home Monthly 7:00 pm
Westchester Villa Maintenance Association G-16 Memorial Mary , President mary_debauche@yahoo.com Monthly 1st Monday 7:00 pm 618 Thicket Lane 77079
Westmoreland Civic Association C-24 Neartown / Montrose David Robert Krentz, President westmoreland-civic-association---board-members@googlegroups.com Approximately once per quarter when called 7:00 pm 77006
White Oak Terrace Civic Club B-06 Acres Home Joel Dempsey, President contact.whiteoakterrace@gmail.com whiteoakterrace.org Monthly 2nd Thursday 7:00 pm 77091
Winlow Place Civic Club C-24 Neartown / Montrose Greg Utterback, President president@winlowplace.org winlowplace.org March, June, September, December 1st Thursday 7:30 pm 77098
Woodland Heights Civic Association H-15 Greater Heights Brad Snead, Director of Infrastructure snead@wrightclosebarger.com www.woodland-heights.org/ Odds Months 2nd Tuesday 7:00 pm 77009
Woods On Memorial Home Owners Assocation G-16 Memorial Kim Allen Parker, President, WOM HOA kparker2016@hotmail.com Monthly 1st Wednesday 7:00 pm 15048 Kimberley Court Houston TX (Virtual at this time) 77079
Yorkwood Civic Club A-04 Fairbanks / Northwest Crossing Jan Fowler, Treasurer ccyorkwood@gmail.com January, April, September, November 4th Tuesday 7:00 pm 77092