H.P.A.R.D. Latest News and Closed Repair

»» 2019 Fall Catalog Available Now!
So long summer and hello autumn! Our 2019 Fall Catalog is your gateway to all the fun and instructional programs and activities at City of Houston parks. Whether it’s getting a workout at one of our fitness centers, or taking your dog on a stroll in one of our dog parks, our neighborhood parks and community centers are waiting to serve you. If Nature is more your thing, check out Lake Houston Wilderness Park. Tennis anyone? The Houston Parks and Recreation Department has dozens of courts to choose from. Plus, there are senior programs, skateparks, and adaptive sports and recreation for individuals of all abilities. Many of our activities are free or low cost. Find out how the Houston Parks and Recreation Department is making this time of year enjoyable and productive for you and your family. Check out our 2019 Fall Catalog and sign up for your favorite activities at your neighborhood park.

»» Lake Houston Wilderness Park
Looking for a new adventure for you and your family? Check out Lake Houston Wilderness Park, located about 30 miles north of Houston in New Caney on over 4,700 acres of wooded parkland. It is the only park in the H.P.A.R.D. system where overnight camping is available. Cabins and walk-in campsites are available for rental. Plus, you can enjoy hike and bike trails, kayaking, horseback riding and other outdoor adventures. For more information download the pdf flier

»» Smoking Ban in City of Houston Parks
The Houston Parks and Recreation Department has announced plans to ban smoking and tobacco products at all department facilities. This policy applies to all interior and exterior spaces, and is an expansion of Ordinance #2006-1054 Sec. 21-243. Click to see the presentation shown to City Council on July 23.

Closed or Under Repair / Construction

  • Alief Outdoor Sports Leagues - Relocations During Construction - February 7, 2020 – Early 2022
    During construction if you have questions regarding fields and outdoor amenities please call 832 394-8805. For questions regarding pools and the summer swim season please call 832 395-7129.

    Soccer Field Use – Permitted soccer activity relocated to Boone Park 7700 Boone Road, 77072.
    Tennis Court Use – Please visit to Lee LeClear Tennis Center in Braeburn Glen Park 9506 S. Gessner, 77074.
    Pool Use – Please visit Sharpstown Park Pool 6600 Harbor Town, 77036 or Agnes Moffit Pool 10645 Hammerly, 77043.

  • Brays Bayou Trail, south bank between Scott Street and the Tierwester Pedestrian Bridge - November 2015 – Until Further Notice
    Heavy rains have caused the failure of a portion of the Brays Bayou retaining wall and greenway trail. The trail on the south bank between Scott Street westward to the Tierwester Pedestrian Bridge is closed for repair. Signs will divert hikers, joggers, and bicyclists to the north bank. Barriers have been installed to block off the trail. The Harris County Flood Control District is working to repair the damage to the retaining wall, which could take 6 – 12 months. The Houston Parks Board will repair the trail afterward.
  • Brock Park Golf Course - June 7, 2016 - Until Further Notice
    Beginning Tuesday, June 7, 2016, the Brock Park Golf Course is closed until further notice. Recent weather conditions have damaged two bridges in the park and the course is closed indefinitely for repairs.
  • Cottage Grove Park – October 8, 2019 – Until Further Notice
    Beginning Tuesday, October 8, 2019, portions of Cottage Grove park will be closed while repairs to concrete are being made. These areas include a portion of the ballfield parking lot entrance, the basketball court, and the playground area. Repairs should be completed in 2 weeks.
  • Freeway Manor Park – December 3, 2019 – December 13, 2019
    Beginning on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 portions of the sidewalk around the playground as well as the playground ramp at Freeway Manor Park will be closed for repairs. The work is expected to be completed and the areas reopened following the completion of the repairs on December 13, 2019.
  • Friendship Pavilion in Hermann Park –September 15, 2015 - Until Further Notice
    Closed for repairs until further notice.
  • Glass recycling containers have been removed from H.P.A.R.D. parks
    Glass recycling containers have been removed from Houston Parks & Recreation Department parks because of safety concerns over broken glass. The receptacles were located at the following facilities:
      - TC Jester Park
      - Glenbrook Park
      - Mason Park
      - Sunnyside Park
      - Alief Community Center
    For more information on the closest glass recycling location to you, visit the Houston Solid Waste Department at: https://www.houstontx.gov/solidwaste/recycling_map.html
  • Glenshire Park – October 9, 2017 – Until Further Notice
    On Monday, October 9th the parking lot at Glenshire Park will close for construction. This construction will only affect the parking lot and the rest of Glenshire Park will remain open to the public. The construction will consist of the demolition of the exiting parking lot and the construction of a new 73 space parking lot with underground detention, walkway connection to existing trail, landscaping and irrigation when the contractor will start demolition of the existing parking lot. The project is closed until further notice for repairs
  • Heights and White Oak Bayou Trails – February 27 – Until Further Notice
    As part of a TxDOT construction project, the Heights and White Oak Bike Trails will experience intermittent closures. For more information on the project and its impact on traffic and bikeways, please consult https://www.houstonbikeways.org
  • Hermann Park Clubhouse – February 2020 – Winter 2020/2021
    The Hermann Park Clubhouse will be closed for renovation beginning February 2020. The scope of work includes the renovation of clubhouse including, demolition and replacement of existing walls, columns, doors, and windows; a new covered drive facing Hermann Park Drive; new air conditioning and heating system; new electrical; roof repairs; foundation repairs; site paving; site parking lot improvements; site grading and drainage; site landscaping and irrigation; site lighting; and site furnishing. Parking lot ‘I’ will be closed to the public for the duration of construction. Portions of parking lots ‘H’ and ‘F’ will be closed to the public during construction.
  • Keegan’s Bayou Trail - September 2016 - Until Further Notice
    This trail is under construction and is not open to the public. Certain sections received flood damage and will need to be rebuilt.
  • Kendall Community Center – September 2017 – Until Further Notice
    The Kendall Community Center is currently closed due to damages from Hurricane Harvey. We invite you to visit on of HPARD’s other community centers during this time.
  • Memorial Park Green Trail - January 29, 2016 - Until Further Notice
    The Green Trail in Memorial Park is closed until further notice due to fallen tree that has damaged a bridge. The Green Trail will remain closed until bridge repairs have been completed.
  • Municipal Golf – April 19, 2016 - Until Further Notice
    Brock Park Golf Course is closed.
  • Oak Forest Park – October 21, 2019 – March, 2020
    The Oak Forest Park playground will be closed beginning on October 21, 2019 through March 2020. The construction project will include the demolition and replacement of the existing playground. The scope of work for this project includes: an expanded playground area with new playground equipment with ramps for ages 5 to 12 years old, swing sets with toddler swings, belt swings and bucket seat swings with harness, shade sail cover, donor pavers, sidewalks, picnic tables, bike rack, benches, playground border, fall surface, detention, grading and drainage.
  • Portions of Milby Park – August 7, 2017 – Until Further Notice
    On August 7, 2017, contractors will begin construction work on the Sims Bayou Trail through Milby Park. The project will include expansion of the parking lot and trail construction, beginning west of the parking lot, then moving east to the far end of the park. Construction is expected to last into Fall 2017, depending on weather conditions.
  • Proctor Plaza Park Ballfield and Tennis Court Lights – January 16, 2019 – Until Further Notice
    CenterPoint Energy is currently working on electrical rewiring in the Proctor Plaza Park area. As a result of CenterPoint’s work they have disconnected power to both ballfield and tennis Court lights at Proctor Plaza. Once CenterPoint has completed their work, in mid-February, they will restore power to Proctor Plaza ballfield and tennis court lights.
  • Rosewood Park – April 4, 2019 – Until Further Notice
    Rosewood Park will be a daytime use park only until further notice due to damage to the park’s electrical service. The damage sustained will require the replacement of the park’s electrical service.
  • Sagemont Community Center Gymnasium - October 30, 2017 - Until Further Notice
    The gymnasium at the Sagemont Community Center will be closed until further notice for replacement of the floor.
  • Water Spraygrounds at Lansdale Park, Cullen Park, Melrose Park and Nieto Park - Until Further Notice
    The following water spraygrounds are currently closed for repair:
    Lansdale Park 8201 Roos, 77036, Cullen Park - 19008 Saums Road; Melrose Park - 12200 Melrose Park Road, Nieto - 500 Port.