Candlelight Park

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 Address: 1520 Candlelight
                Houston, TX 77018
 Phone: 713.682.3587
Houston Service Helpline:
To request park repairs please call 311 or 713.837.0311 or submit your request online by clicking this link.


Candlelight Park is a lovely park nestled in a residential neighborhood near the intersection of West 43rd Street and West T.C. Jester Boulevard, in Houston’s northwest area. It consists of 9.53 acres, the first 7 of which were acquired by the City of Houston in 1952. The remaining 2.53 acres were purchased in 1961. It is named for the Candlelight Estates subdivision.

The community center and basketball pavilion in the park were built in 1959 and have received renovation several times through the years. The roof was modified and the gymnasium received new flooring in 1973, the roof for $11,268.00 and the floor for $1,668.00.

There was extensive renovation to the center under the design auspices of B.F. Rodriguez-Castinado in 1981. A massive Capital Improvement Project was passed in 1986, with projects undertaken in nearly 80 parks; Candlelight Park’s renovation in that program cost $170,000. The fresh new community center was rededicated on March 3, 1986.

An extensive new playground area went in during 1992.

Early in 1997, it was determined that the structural arches in the pavilion needed to be replaced with new steel. This was accomplished for $32,000. And the Parks to Standard program of Mayor Bob Lanier brought another round of improvements to the community center and gymnasium, an asphalt walking trail, landscaping, security lighting, playground renovation, and general site improvements, including drainage work, to Candlelight Park, all for $1,130,000. Construction began in December 2001 and was completed the next year.