Charlton Park

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 Address: 8200 Park Place Blvd.
               Houston, TX 77017
 Phone: 713.645.3589
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Houston’s cross-country suburban sprawl began in the city’s early days. Far from downtown, the community of Park Place was already in existence in the early Twentieth Century, occupying a tree-shaded, park-like setting on the bank of Sims Bayou. A five-acre site beside the bayou was designated as a park. It became a popular location for Sunday picnics for Houstonians, who reached it by taking the Harrisburg streetcar to the end of the line, then riding a private jitney to Park Place. In 1911, the Interurban rail line was built between Houston and Galveston, with a stop at Park Place, simplifying the trip for those intent on a Sunday outing.

Briefly incorporated as a city, Park Place was annexed by the City of Houston in 1926, and the park became a city park. In 1931 a 1.29-acre site was added to it for $2,836.00, and in 1937 an additional 1.57 acres were added for $3,500.00. It was renamed in honor of George Charlton, the one and only mayor of Park Place, in 1939.I

The City built tennis courts at Charlton Park in 1952, and in 1965 the old clubhouse was remodeled to keep it usable until it could be replaced. In 1970, a Capital Improvement initiative was passed, making it possible to build a new community center building and gymnasium. Plans were drawn up by the architectural firm Graecen, Houston, and Rogers, and in 1972 the demolition of the old building was undertaken and the construction of the new one was begun by the Alpha Building Corporation. The budget for the community center complex was $209,800. It was opened to the public on September 13, 1973, and has been well used ever since.

Today, Charlton Park is a beautiful recreational facility of 8.73 acres, with a user-friendly community center and basketball pavilion. The playground equipment is a draw for neighborhood children, and the tennis courts do the same for everyone wanting to swing a racket.

Directly across Sims Bayou, the beauty of Glenbrook Golf Course and Park extends the tree-shaded environment loved by birds and park visitors, as does the Houston Audubon Society’s Sims Bayou Nature Center, adjacent to the parks at 3997 River Drive.