Our parks and Greenspaces

The Houston Parks and Recreation Department was created by city ordinance on March 15, 1916, with two facilities, Sam Houston Park and Hermann Park. Today, the Department manages, maintains and stewards developed parks, greenspaces and esplanades all over the City of Houston. The most recent Houston Parks and Recreation Department Park Inventory is available in pdf format for download.

Park listings are also available by council district.


District A District B District C District D
District E District F District G District H
District I District J District K Outside CL

First Amendment Expression Areas are open to users for exercise of their First Amendment rights during park hours. Locations of First Amendment Expression Areas are listed below in alphabetic order. Although it is not a requirement of the area’s use, it is recommended that all users register to avoid conflicts. Users must register with the HPARD Permits Office 832.394.8805 in order to reserve the area in advance.

Park Names By Alphabetical Order: