May 20, 2005                                            713.845.1135                            

Dedication Ceremony Set for
New Eastwood Skate Park

The Houston Parks and Recreation Department; Council Member Adrian Garcia, District H; Council Member Carol Alvarado, District I; the Oaklawn Fullerton Civic Association and the Eastwood Civic Association will dedicate Eastwood Skate Park (5000 Harrisburg, Houston Texas 77011) on Saturday, May 21 at 9:30a.m.

“Eastwood Skate Park will be the second skate park facility within the Houston Parks and Recreation Department’s system,” said Joe Turner, Director, Houston Parks and Recreation Department.  “We are pleased to have been a part of its development from the very beginning and hope that partnerships like the one that created Eastwood Skate Park can serve as models for future partnerships throughout the city.”

The Skate Park project began as a petition campaign spearheaded by high school and middle school students including James Lira and George Ortega.  They took their idea to Precinct 11 Judge, Jessica Castillo-Hulsey.  “When James and George approached me with their idea I was impressed with them.  They had a dream and the work ethnic necessary to implement a plan.  This has become a wonderful neighborhood success story because the entire community became involved in the project.  Youth, parents and seniors alike worked together with our elected officials to make this dream a reality.  Director Turner, Council Member Garcia and Council Member Alvarado listened to our young people’s ideas, they were responsive and they provided the leadership necessary to move the project forward.  For this we are very appreciative.”

“I’m pleased to have been a part of this project,” said Council Member Adrian Garcia.  “It’s what we’re hear for, listening to community requests and working to provide facilities that meet their needs.”

Council Member Carol Alvarado was instrumental in helping secure funding for this project.  “The City of Houston Birthday Celebration was one of our primary funding sources.  We were able to contribute $75,000 to this project due to that event.  I believe Eastwood Skate Park is a wonderful present to Houston’s young people.”

Additional festivities scheduled following the ribbon cutting ceremony include a skating demonstration by Lucas Skate Tours.

Eastwood Park, acquired in 1916, is located off Harrisburg and Dumble (5000 Harrisburg, Houston Texas 77011 – Key Map Location 494T).

For more information about Eastwood Skate Park, call the Houston Parks and Recreation Department at 713.845.1135.