Planning and Development

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is a computer system capable of capturing, storing, analyzing, and displaying geographically referenced information or data. The P&D Department has developed an enterprise level GIS to serve the entire City of Houston. The goal of the GIS division is to serve the geographic information system and geospatial needs of the City of Houston across departments and among all staff and citizens.

  • GIS Hotline/Order a map 713-837-7777

My City - Houston Application:

We are pleased to provide a new online application called, "My City - Houston". This application is an interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) portal that gives citizens a new window into the City�s operations. "My City - Houston" provides access to mapped information about where activities and projects are occurring. Citizens can access mapped information such as street maps, aerial imagery, utility services, permitting, parcel addresses, solid waste services, tax data, political boundaries, land use and much more. For more information,
download the help guide. Demo: How to use Parcels

Use the application and feel free to send us your feedback, suggestions and gripes about the application. We�re always interested in knowing what you think about our work and its usefulness to you.
Note: This online application is compatible with the following Internet browsers:

  • Internet Explorer v. 7+
  • Firefox v. 3
  • Safari v. 3
  • Opera v. 8+
  • Chrome
  • Adobe Flash Player v. 10+ plug-in required

Houston Airport System - Airspace Map:

The Airspace Map is a web-based GIS application that provides ground and airspace elevation information to facilitate permitting within airport hazard areas. Its objectives include providing compliance with the Airport Hazard Area Ordinance, Chapter 9 Article VII; easing the identification of airspace restrictions impacting permit approval; integrating with the Federal Aviation Administration�s Notice Criteria Tool for Obstruction Evaluation website.

COHGIS database:

Reference Grids (.zip files):