POLICE Department

Auto Dealers Detail - Wrecker – Incident Management and TOW AND GO

Fees: Initial application, Annual renewal • For fee schedules, go to www.houstoncityfees.org

Wrecker – Incident Management and TOW AND GO

  • Application for Wrecker License – Present a fully completed application form.
  • Five Panel drug test from a state approved laboratory -  Only the original will be accepted.  Emails from state laboratory sent to  HPD.AutoDealers@HoustonPolice.org  will also be accepted.
  • Current copy of Certificate of Liability Insurance - Automotive Liability for one million dollars - Cargo On Hook for $50,000 - Occupational Safety or Workman’s Compensation. Owner of the business needs to be covered with City of Houston as Certificate Holder.
  • Police Authorized Tow Service Agreement Wrecker Identification Form - Signed off by the owner of the company.
  • Current Texas Driver’s License.
  • Current TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation) Card or print out from TDLR.
  • Criminal background check - A criminal background check is conducted on all officers, partners, owners (licensees) and others who have a financial interest in the business.
  • Defensive Driving Course Required for new applicants - Driving Certificate must be presented – (email or phone copies will not be accepted)
  • Required Fee
  • Automotive Board review - The City of Houston Automotive Board reviews the application for each new wrecker including consideration of the findings of a criminal background check.
  • Notice of an Automotive Board public hearing on the wrecker application is published.
  • Approval or Denial is decided by the Board at the hearing

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