HPD to Check Sex Offenders Prior to Halloween

October 26, 2009 - In anticipation of Halloween night, the HPD Juvenile Sex Offender Registration Unit is checking residences of sex offenders on probation and parole to ensure they are in compliance with the provisions of their parole or probation. Sex offenders must adhere to the following guidelines: (These are the rules they receive and must comply with).

• Do not distribute candy or treats to children, minors at your residence or any location on or about Halloween or at any Halloween celebration.

• Do not be at a residence or other location where there is distribution of candy or treats to children or minors.

• Do not have the porch light on at your residence nor be at another location where the porch light is on during Halloween.

• Do not answer the door during Halloween unless instructed by law enforcement.

• Do not attend any public or private Halloween event where children are present or are likely to be present.

• Do not decorate with Halloween decorations or other child lures a vehicle that you operate, or your residence or any residence in which you are registered to reside.

• Do not be in, on or at any Halloween or other child lure decorated residence, vehicle or location on Halloween.

• Do not attend any haunted house attractions.

Any violations of these conditions will be documented and probation and parole notified. Any violations of these rules will be grounds for their probation or parole to be revoked.
Sex offenders should be registered in the jurisdiction in which they reside. You can check the Texas Department of Public Safety Web site to determine what sex offenders are registered in your area by the zip code: www.txdps.state.tx.us

If you see a sex offender in your area and you know he is not registered to that address, you should call the Houston Police Department or the Police Agency in your jurisdiction.

Any media interested in riding along with HPD officers beginning TODAY (Monday, Oct. 26) as they check the residences of sex offenders should contact the HPD Media Relations Unit at 713-308-3280 during business hours.

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division at 713-308-3200 .

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