Final Suspect Arrested in Fatal Shooting at 7600 Dashwood

September 8, 2009 - A ninth and final suspect wanted in the fatal shooting of a man at 7600 Dashwood about 2:15 a.m. on March 29 is in custody.

Francisco Alex Lara (H/m, DOB: 1-18-88) was arrested on Sunday (Sept. 6) without incident. He was wanted in the killing of Joel Martinez, 22, of Houston, who suffered a gunshot wound to the head. Mr. Martinez was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital where he died from his injuries on June 6.

The other suspects in custody are Eric Victoriano Hernandez (H/m, DOB: 7-10-88), Irvin Orlando Mejia (H/m, DOB: 6-5-89), Rodney Mejia (H/m, DOB: 11-12-91), Erick Rodriguez (H/m, DOB: 6-24-88), Milton Rosario Chica Sorto (H/m, DOB: 2-8-79), Juan Nolasco (H/m, DOB: 3-27-86), Walter Sanchez (H/m, DOB: 8-18-88) and one juvenile male, 16. The adults are charged with engaging in organized criminal activity in the 262nd State District Court.

HPD Homicide Division Sergeants J. Brooks, M. Dillingham and Senior Police Officers M. Waters and R. Swainson reported:

Officers were dispatched to a shooting call and saw Mr. Martinez in the parking lot with an obvious head wound. Witnesses on the scene initially told officers Martinez was beaten by a group of Hispanic males. Homicide investigators determined Martinez left a nearby nightclub with two females when he was approached by a large group of males. He was attacked, beaten and eventually shot by the group. The male suspects then fled.

Further investigation revealed that Martinez was targeted due to the colors of the clothing he was wearing, known to be those of a rival group. However, investigators found no indications Martinez was affiliated with any group and was mistakenly targeted by the suspects.

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