Incident Suspect Officer  
12/26/2013 160489413 12606  WESTPARK DR M B UNK Unknown Vehicle M B 41 None Y The officer pulled into a parking lot and observed an unknown BM exiting the store carrying a box with store clerk in pursuit. The officer commanded the suspect to stop. The suspect was able to get into his vehicle and attempted to run over the officer. The officer pulled his  weapon and discharged twice at the suspect's vehicle. The suspect fled the scene. It unclear if the suspect was injured. 
12/9/2013 153332913 3528 N BRAESWOOD BLVD M W 30 None None M W 50 None Y The suspect made forced entry into the complainants residence in an attempt to take several articles.  The responding officer was charged by the suspect causing the officer to discharge his firearm one time, missing the suspect.  The suspect was arrested and charged.
12/1/2013 149898913 7001  HILLCROFT  M H 24 None None M H 28 None Y An officer responded to an Assist the Officer call.  The suspect was inside with the complainant and refused to exit the apartment.  As an officer approached the back window it exploded outward putting the officer in fear of his life and fired into the apartment.  There were no injuries and suspect sent to a psychological center.
11/30/2013 150207613 6800  MISTY MORNING TRACE  M B 18 None None M H 33 None N An off duty robbery officer shot at a car burglar at 0400 in Ft. Bend County.  Multiple suspects were apprehended by Fort Bend County Sheriff's Deputies.  There were no injuries.
M H 16 None None
M H 18 None None
M H 18 None None
M H 16 None None
M B 17 None None
11/3/2013 137943813 14001  FONDREN RD M B 17 Wounded Firearm M H 36 None Y The suspect was observed driving a reportedly stolen vehicle during the course of apprehension, the suspect refused verbal commands and attempted to extricate the officer's duty weapon. In response the officer discharged his weapon at the suspect striking him on the left side. 
10/24/2013 133633813 10225  SCOTT  M B 22 Killed Knife M H 22 None Y Suspect ignored officer's commands to drop the knife.  Suspect attempted to stab a female and an officer in fear of the complainant's life shot and killed the suspect.
9/30/2013 122668913 6060  GULFTON  M W 25 Wounded Glass Shard M W 53 None Y Suspect dives outside of a house through a window and refuses to comply with officer's commands.  The suspect charges the officer with a glass shard in hand.  The officer in fear for his life shoots the suspect twice.  The suspect is hospitalized but expected to survive.
9/26/2013 120839113 2600  HADLEY ST M B 24 Wounded Firearm M B 28 None Y HPD officers patrolling 10 District observed two suspects walking in the street where a sidewalk was provided. When the officers attempted to stop the suspects they fled capture by running in different directions. One suspect produced a weapon and was shot by the officer. 
M B 20 None Firearm
9/25/2013 120421213 00000  OUTSIDE M H 55 Killed Firearm M W 50 None Y HPD  SWAT officers were assisting HPD Narcotic Officers execute a search warrant. The suspect was shot and killed during the no-knock warrant entry after the suspect pointed a firearm at the officers.
9/13/2013 115266113 13600  EAST FWY OB M H 23 Wounded Firearm M H 52 None Y Officers were investigating BMVs, one suspect attempted to evade arrest by jumping into the suspect's vehicle and at a high rate of speed left the road way crashing the stolen vehicle. The suspect fled on foot, pointing his weapon at pursing officers. Officers fired at and wounded the suspect. No HPD officers were injured.
M H 17 None None
M H 17 None None
M H 23 None None
9/9/2013 113255013 2000  ALLEN PKWY OB M W 27 Killed Firearm M W 29 None Y Officers conducted a traffic stop.  The driver ignored officers commands to exit the vehicle, drove off, and fired upon officers running to their patrol cars.  Suspect fired upon officers again while evading, exited car, fired again, and was ultimately killed by officers in fear of their lives.
M H 30 None Y
F W 39 None None M W 29 None Y
M W 25 None Y
9/1/2013 110045013 9290  WOODFAIR DR M H 28 Killed Firearm M H 23 None Y Responded to a disturbance where witnesses said the suspect had a weapon. The officers demanded the suspect remove his hands from his pockets, suspect produced a weapon, one officer fired multiple time striking and killing the suspect.
8/22/2013 105776713 13662  WESTHEIMER RD M B 32 Wounded Firearm M W 42 None Y On duty HPD officers responded to a robbery. One susp. was arrested and handcuffed. Susp produced a weapon fired at HPD SGT. who returned fire; susp fled the building firing at a second officer who returned fire. Susp fled and was found later  with gunshot wounds.
M P 43 None Y
8/7/2013 98692013 660  MAXEY RD M H 52 None Firearm M W 43 None Y On duty officers responded to discharging firearms call for service. The suspect continued shooting his AK-47 at police cars and officers as they arrived. One officer returned fire. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident by SWAT officers. 
8/5/2013 97994313 5725  FONDREN RD M H 28 Killed Firearm M W 47 None Y On duty officers responded to a call of Discharging Firearms. When the officers arrived the suspect began shooting at the responding officers. K-9 officer responding to assist the officer. The suspect tried to shoot the K-9 officer, who returned fire killing the suspect.
Firearm F H 28 None Y
6/15/2013 74452613 8875 W BELLFORT ST M B 34 Wounded Vehicle M H 42 None Y Two HPD officers arrive at location and observed the suspect stabbing the victim.  The officers ordered the suspect to cease the attack but the victim refused to comply and placed vehicle in reverse towards the victim.  One officer fired and appeared to strike the suspect.
6/2/2013 68384613 16031  CLARKE SPRINGS DR M B 14 None None M H 36 None Y An HPD officer was chasing a stolen vehicle, suspect evaded, and one of the suspects pointed a rifle at the officer.  The officer, in fear of his life, shot and missed the suspect.  Suspect arrested and charged.
M B 15 None None
M B 16 None None
M B UNK None Firearm
5/31/2013 67283213 12710  BRANT ROCK DR M B 21 Wounded Firearm M W 29 None Y While officers were attempting to serve a felony warrant, the suspect opened the door, produced a firearm, and pointed it in their direction.  An officer in fear of his life shot and wounded the suspect.
4/26/2013 1355467 7044 FM 1960 E, Humble, TX M U 23 None Firearm M W 56 None N An off-duty HPD officer entered the bank in Humble, was forced to the floor, and disarmed at gunpoint.  The officer's partner was outside, observed the robbers exit, demanded their surrender, and killed one suspect after a shotgun was aimed at the officer.
M B 21 None Firearm
M B 18 Killed Firearm
4/11/2013 44046113 05887  WESTHEIMER RD B M B 30 Wounded Firearm M H 37 None Y Two armed suspects entered and attempted to rob a jewelry store.  One of the suspects pointed a pistol at an HPD officer working an extra job.  The officer shot and wounded the suspect.  The second suspect fired at the officer, missed, and fled the scene.
M B UNK None Firearm
4/10/2013 43485213 4700  ALLEN ST M B 24 None Firearm M W 34 None Y Off duty officers working an extra job encountered suspicious males at the parking lot.  Officers attempted to stop the vehicle and investigate, but the driver pointed a pistol at one of the officers and attempted to run them over.  Officers fired and missed the suspects.
U U UNK None None
U U UNK None None M H 28 None N
U U UNK None None
4/6/2013 41917613 4700  WENDA  M B 21 None Firearm M B 43 None Y During a traffic stop, a HPD officer confronted a suspect that fled on foot, jumped a fence, and brandished a handgun.  One of the officers feared for his life and his partner's life, discharging his weapon.  No injuries were reported at the time of this incident and the passenger was arrested for P.O.M.  
M B 18 None None
3/23/2013 35614113 7411  BANYAN ST M B 44 Wounded Firearm M W 50 None Y While ringing the doorbell, the patrol officer hears a loud blast from inside.  SWAT was notified, attempted a rescue, and received gunfire from the suspect who fled out the back door.  Upon exiting the suspect pointed a firearm at SWAT officers who shot the suspect. 
M W 43 None Y
3/20/2013 34501713 JACINTO  CITY TEXAS M H 17 Wounded Firearm M H 45 None Y Suspect shot two Jacinto City Officers who questioned him regarding a previous incident.  One Officer was wounded in the chest and the other in the arm.  Several officers and SWAT responded, suspect shot at officers again, SWAT returned fire and hit suspect in the leg.
M H 40 None Y
M W 34 None Y
3/19/2013 33958813 6725  SHERWOOD DR M B 38 Wounded None M H 48 None Y While executing a search warrant, the suspect ran into a back room, reached into his waistband, and ignored verbal commands given by the officers.  An officer feared the suspect was reaching for a weapon and shot the suspect.  A pellet gun was found near suspect.
3/18/2013 33144013 600  SADDLE ROCK DR M H 33 Killed Firearm M W 27 None Y While attempting to conduct a traffic stop, the suspect fired upon a pair of officers and striking one in both arms.  The other officer returned fire killing the suspect.
3/3/2013 26584013 5800 W AIRPORT BLVD M B 45 Wounded Firearm M B 44 None Y Suspect discharged a firearm multiple times at HPD officers and citizens.  HPD officers discharge their firearms at the suspect and wounded him.
M B 39 None Y
2/28/2013 25253413 4911  DUMFRIES DR M B 46 Killed Scissors M H 28 None Y Suspect charged at officer with scissors in his hand.  Officer fearing for his life, discharged weapon at suspect multiple times.  Suspect was struck with multiple rounds and collapsed to the ground and died.
2/15/2013 19558313 1500  WASHINGTON AVE M H 51 None Vehicle M W 30 None Y While conducting a felony stop the suspect accelerated his vehicle toward the passenger side of the patrol car.  Officers fearing for the passenger side officer's life discharged their firearm, missing the suspect.  No injuries; suspect arrested.
M W 30 None Y
2/13/2013 18168313 15707  EASTEX FWY SER W M B 32 Wounded Firearm M H 31 None Y Officers attempted to detain a suspect who resisted and reached in his vehicle near the backseat.  Officer shot and injured the suspect.  A handgun was found in rear seat of vehicle during crime scene processing.
2/13/2013 18448313 2900 S GESSNER DR M B 34 Killed Knife M W 37 None Y Officers saw the suspect holding the child in his arm, continually putting a knife to the throat of the child.  Suspect fled into the bathroom with the child.  Officer fearing for the safety of the child, discharged his firearm killing the suspect.
2/8/2013 16110813 11800  TAYLORCREST  M W 44 None Vehicle M P 29 None Y HPD Officer initiated a traffic stop.  The suspects fled in a vehicle which snagged on a concrete barrier.  Officers approached, but driver gunned the vehicle and drove at officers who opened fire.  No injuries occurred.  Both were arrested.
F W 38 None None
2/2/2013 13852913 614 W GREENS RD M B 33 Wounded Vehicle M W 34 None Y Suspect took complainant's vehicle without consent.  Suspect attempted to strike at least two officers with the van while fleeing.  The HPD officers in fear of their life/lives of fellow officers, fired and struck the suspect in the leg.
M H 29 None Y
M H 28 None Y
1/16/2013 6043313 10919  SAGETRAIL DR M W UNK None Unknown M B 47 None N Off duty officer at home noticed a suspect attempt to break into his parked car.  Officer retrieved his firearm, ordered the suspect to halt, suspect charged the officer who fearing for his life fired upon the suspect who escaped.  Injuries unknown.
1/12/2013 4468713 2200  BASTROP ST M B 23 Wounded Firearm M W 27 None Y On duty police units arrived to scene when a suspect previously displayed a weapon.  Suspect refused verbal commands, reaches for his weapon, and put officers in fear of their life.  Suspect was shot twice and is expected to survive.
1/12/2013 4789613 1018  S GESSNER DR M B 19 Wounded Firearm M W 33 None N Three armed unknown suspects walked into an electronics store, attempted to rob it, and were fired upon by an off-duty officer working an extra job.
M B 18 None None
M B 22 None None
M B 17 None None
M B 20 None Firearm
M B 19 None Firearm
1/4/2013 1469213 1500 W BAY AREA BLVD M B UNK None Unknown M W 40 None Y Off-duty HPD officer working an extra job observed a suspect break into a Chevy truck.  Suspect disobey officer's commands, made combative movement for his waistband, appeared to pull a item from his jacket, and the officer fired fearing for his life.  Suspect fled.
M B UNK None Unknown