Incident Suspect Officer  
12/17/2014 160528814 13333  NORTHBOROUGH DR M B 32 Wounded Firearm M H 29 None Y Officers were dispatched to suicide with pistol.  Upon arrival, officers contacted the suspect but ignored officer's instructions multiple times.  When suspect reached for his waistand, the officer knowing the suspect had a pistol, fired once at suspect.  Suspect taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
12/15/2014 159236414 400  N SAM HOUSTON PKWY E M B 20 Wounded Firearm M H 35 None Y The officer received a description of the suspect.  The suspect was located and give foot prsuit into a parking gargage.  The officer made contact with the suspect at which the suspect raised a pistol in the direction of the officer and was shot by the officer.  The susepct was taken to hospital with non-life injuries.
12/12/2014 158181414 14600  BUFFALO SPEEDWAY M B 38 Wounded None M H 29 None Y The front seat passenger ignored the officer's commands and continued to reach under the car seat.  Fearing for his saftey the officer discharged his weapon.  The suspect fled on foot, made additional furtive movements and was shot, injured, and transported to the hospital and expected to recover.
M B 31 None Y
12/8/2014 155866314 12919  WINDFERN  M B 33 None Firearm M W 30 None N An officer working an extra job received a call of a man walking around the complex with a gun.  The officer located the suspect and announced his presence.  The suspect turned towards the officer with the shotgun in the ready position.  In fear of his life, the officer discharged his firearm but missed the suspect.

11/12/2014 144326514 10650  HEMPSTEAD RD M H 26 None Firearm M W 46 None Y Officer was working an investigation and trying to get a suspect into custody.  During the struggle , the suspect fired several rounds at officer and officer returned fire.  The suspect then stole the patrol vehicle and left the location.  The suspect crashed the patrol vehicle into a tree and was later taken into custody.  
10/22/2014 134580514 3100  F.M. 1960 M B 34 Wounded Firearm M W 45 None Y An on-duty, plain clothes HPD officer on-viewed a robbery.  The officer intervened and discharged his firearm at the suspect.  All three suspects left the location in a vehicle.  It was learned later that one of the suspects was injured by one of the gunshots.
10/18/2014 132565014 4000  AIRLINE DR M W 55 None Vehicle M B 39 None Y Officers attempted to perform a felony stop with their weapons drawn when the suspect placed the vehicle in reverse and backed toward the officers.  One officer discharged his weapon but the suspect sped away.  The suspect's vehicle came to a stop and he ran away on foot.  No arrests made at this time.
10/12/2014 130116114 1100  OLIVER  M H 31 Wounded Vehicle M B 43 None N Two officers working extra jobs caught two male robbery suspects who were fleeing.  The suspects jumped in their truck and attempted to drive over the officer.  Both officers fired and struck the suspects injuring them.  Both suspects were arrested and charged.
M W 36 Wounded Vehicle M W 45 None N
10/6/2014 127340314 6790  SOUTHWEST FWY OB M H 36 Killed Firearm M B 42 None Y The suspect forced a female at gun point to return to her vehicle and drive to a known location.  The suspect barricaded himself and the complainant into the vehicle and would not come out.  After HPD SWAT arrived, the suspect exited the vehicle with a weapon and was shot and killed by two officers.
M W 46 None Y
10/1/2014 124567814 11703  KIRKMEADOW DR M W 34 Killed Firearm M W 43 None Y The Liverpool Police Department pursued a suspect into the City of Pearland and then Houston which triggered a response by HPD officers.  The suspect bailed out of his vehicle with a shotgun.  An HPD officer dischared his duty weapon, killing the suspect.  No officers were injured.  
9/30/2014 124142914 19210  GULF FWY OB M W 32 Killed Firearm M H 31 Wounded Y The suspect was stopped on traffic.  The suspect produced a weapon and fired at officer.  The officer and suspect began struggling over the gun.  The officer's partner commanded the suspect to drop the weapon but refused.  In fear of officer's live, officer discharged his weapon and killed the suspect.
M P 26 None Y
9/23/2014 120847114 4830  HOLLOWAY DR M B 25 Wounded Vehicle M W 28 None Y Officer responded to a wanted suspect being at location.  Officers arrived and observed the suspect inside a vehicle.  When they attempted to apprehend him, he tried to run over the officers with his vehicle.  Officers discharged their duty weapons and wounded him.  Officers treated with minor injuries.
Vehicle M W 30 None Y
9/17/2014 118130414 1903  ROSEWOOD LN M W 44 Wounded Firearm M W 41 None Y HPD Narcotics Officer executing a search warrant with DEA.  Officer shot suspect 1 time in abdomen.  Suspect is expected to survive in injury.
F W 38 None None
M W 20 None None
8/13/2014 102070914 11960  AIRLINE DR M H 28 Killed Firearm M W 28 Wounded Y Officers were dispatched to a suspicious persons call, arrived on scene, and located the individual.  The suspect was grabbed by an officer and a struggle ensued.  The suspect discharged his firearm striking the officer's vest along his left side.  The wounded officer shot and killed the suspect.
8/13/2014 102260814 14700  REDBUD  M H 40 Killed Firearm M W 32 None Y HPD officers conducted a traffic stop in Harris County that originated within the city limits of Houston.  The suspect ignored officer commands, yelled obscenities, and grabbed a gun.  In fear of his life, the officer shot and killed the suspect.  
8/3/2014 97245814 2903  FANNIN  M B UNK None Physical Force M H 45 Wounded N Officer was asked for assistance by an unknown black male.  As they were walking toward a vehicle another black male joined them and both males began stringing the officer with hands and feet.  Officer drew and fired weapon. Both suspects fled after discharge. No one belived to be shot.
M B UNK None Physical Force
7/29/2014 95144314 10406  AMBLEWOOD DR Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile Wounded None M H 26 None Y Burglary suspect fled on foot.  Officer pursued suspect.  The suspect reached toward waistband when officer caught the suspect.  Officer discharged forearm striking the suspect in the leg
7/27/2014 94268814 3103 Dacca Drive M B 22 None None M B 47 None Y Robbery suspect hid in trash can. Officer searched area and as he lifted the lid to the trash can, the suspect jumped up from within the can.  Officer discharged his weapon - did not strike suspect.  Suspect was then arrested.
M B 27 None Firearm
5/5/2014 55474514 6406  BELARBOR ST M B 34 Killed Firearm M W 38 None Y Suspect fled from the officer. Suspect was attempting to jump a fence when the officer caught up to him. The suspect turned with a weapon in his hand pointed toward the officer.  THe officer discharged his weapon striking and killing the suspect.
M B 32 None None
5/1/2014 53375914 6211  COLLINGSWORTH  M B 27 Wounded Metal Pole M B 34 None Y Person was a suspect to a home invasion call.  Officer found him weilding a iron pole and swinging at the officers.  Stun guns were deployed but did not affect the suspect.  A bean bag shot gun was going to be deployed at which time the suspect began moving toward the officers with the metal pipe.  Officer discharged his firearm striking the suspect. 
3/20/2014 34188114 11050  SOUTHWEST FWY OB M B UNK Unknown Firearm M H 32 None Y Officers responded to loud noise complaint and were advised that occupants of a vehicle were shooting at persons.  The suspected vehicle was driving at the officers.  The officers attempted to move to safety but the vehicle swerved toward the officer.  The officer discharged his weapon at the vehicle. Unknown if anyone was injured.
3/18/2014 33110514 2219 Stevens M B 34 Wounded None M B 39 None Y
Officers responded to a family violence call. When officers entered the residence the suspect ran to the front of the house spun around in a shooting position pointing something black at the officers. One officer discharged his weapon striking the suspect in the chest. The suspect was transported to Ben Taub.

3/17/2014 32413614 9638  PLAINFIELD  M B 26 Killed Physical Force M P 41 None Y The officer gained initial control of the robbery suspect and was bale to place one cuff on him prior to the suspect breaking free.  the officer followed the suspect, maintaining a safe distance, as the suspect would walk and then stop to threaten t he officer.  The gap between the officer and the suspect continued to diminish until the officer felt that the suspect was intent on injuring him or that the suspect wanted the officer to shoot him.  The officer discharged his weapon striking the complainant in the chest - killing him.
3/13/2014 30609914 7300  ARDMORE ST M B 47 Unknown Vehicle M H 40 None Y Officer responded to a BMV in progress and observed 2 suspects behind the complainant's vehicle with tires removed.  The officer gave verbal commands to suspects who ignored and got into their vehicle drove toward officer.  Fearing for his life, officer discharged his weapon.  1 suspect arrested, 1 fled the scene.

M B 49 Wounded Vehicle
3/6/2014 27504414 Protected By Law U U UNK Unknown None M B 37 None N An off-duty HPD office was at his home  sleeping when 3 suspects forced entry into his apartment. One of the suspects was holding gun which turned out to be a BB gun. Not knowing that information, the officer feared  for his life and fired three times at the suspect holding the gun. The suspect was pronounced DOA.
Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile Killed BB Gun
2/27/2014 24475814 914  DALLAS ST M B 54 Wounded Lumber M W 27 None Y On-duty officer was informed that the suspect had stolen an item.  The officer followed the suspect into the street and identified himself.  Suspect walked away, picked up a piece of lumber and swinging it at officer in close range.  Fearing for his life, the officer discharged his firearm and shot him in the arm.
2/16/2014 19897714 700  W GULF BANK RD Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile Killed BB Gun M H 48 None N Off Duty HPD officer observed a robbery in progress when the officer intervened, the suspect revealed he had a pistol and pulled it on the officer. The HPD officer pulled his own weapon and discharged it striking the suspect in the chest and the left leg. Suspect was able to flee the scene but was later found dead.
Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile None None
2/14/2014 19009014 6568  T.C.JESTER BLVD. M B 19 None None M W 33 None Y On duty HPD officer responding to hold-up alarm encountered three suspects exiting the business. One of the fleeing suspect pointed a weapon at the officer. The officer discharged his weapon at the suspect but missed. All three suspects were apprehended and the stolen money and property were recovered.  One suspect received minor injuries from a K9.
Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile None None
M B 19 Wounded Firearm
2/9/2014 16581114 3900  PORTSMOUTH  Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile None None M B 42 None N The HPD officer was off-duty and his girlfriend were walking on the street when three suspects approached them. The suspects displayed a handgun (BB) and demanded the property of the complainants. The officer drew his weapon firing and striking two of the suspects. Two suspects injured, all three apprehended.                                                                                         
Juvenile Juvenile Juvenile Wounded BB Gun
M W 18 Wounded None
1/23/2014 9805514 855  GREENS RD M B 24 Killed Firearm M W 28 None Y Police shot and killed a suspected armed robber during a pursuit that ended in a neighborhood near Greenspoint Mall in north Houston.  After crashing, the suspect fired upon police, fled on foot, and again raised his firearm at the officer who shot and killed the suspect.
M W 33 None Y
1/19/2014 7934614 9220  NATHANIEL  M B 23 Wounded Firearm M H 23 None Y Officers located a stolen vehilce, pursued it until it crashed. The driver fled on foot and firing a shot at another officer, who fired his weapon not striking the suspect. Suspect was apprehended with the aid a K-9 unit who after being kicked retaliated against the suspect.
1/16/2014 6830214 5700  W LITTLE YORK RD M B 26 Killed None M H 34 None N Off-duty officer working an extra-job confronted a suspicious suspect looking in the windows of closed businesses. When the officer challenged the suspect, he ran around a dark corner and made a fertive motion. Officer believed he was in danger discharged his weapon killing the suspect.

1/13/2014 5578914 08125  MILLS M W 36 Wounded Knife M W 28 None Y Two patrol officers responded to a domestic distubance call at an apartment complex.  Upon arrival, officers asked complainant questions regarding the distubance, before she could answer, suspect opened the door and charging at officers with a knife.  Officer discharged two time at suspect, suspect expected to suvive.
1/12/2014 4732914 10516  KATY FWY OB M W 22 None Firearm M H 40 None N Two officers working a uniformed extra job responded to an on-viewed assault.  Upon arriving at the vehicle where the assault occurred, one officer saw a pistol between he legs of the suspect who drove off and fired a single shot.  The officer returned fired and shortly afterwards the suspect was apprehended.