Office of Policing Reform and Accountability

Policing Report FlyerOn April 29, 2021, Mayor Sylvester Turner outlined his plans to implement a significant number of the recommendations submitted by the Mayor's Task Force on Policing Reform to improve accountability, transparency, change police policies and build mutual trust and respect with the community.

Mayor Turner also appointed Crystal Okorafor as the city's deputy inspector general in the new office of Policing Reform and Accountability.

Okorafor is former assistant district attorney with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

The Deputy Inspector General will serve as an ‘ombudsman’ for the citizens of Houston and is key to restoring and maintaining the confidence of the public," said Mayor Sylvester Turner. "Crystal's experience with the Harris County District Attorney's Office will be instrumental to improving police policies and building mutual trust with our diverse communities." As the first person to hold this position, Okorafor will investigate complaints and work closely with the Independent Police Oversight Board (IPOB).