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You are about to take the first step towards your financial independence, which will give you a greater sense of security. Did you know that your monetary income can be secured against theft, fire or natural disaster? It is a peace of mind to know that you can have your money when you need it and wherever you go.

The City of Houston Controller Chris B. Brown offers Bank On Houston a financial program to help Houston residents open bank accounts free of excessive fees and requirements.

If you rely on expensive services to change your check, you now have a great and better option. Bank On Houston has partnered with local banks and credit unions, to offer you a low-cost bank account.

Bank On Houston wants to help you open your account and start saving for the future.

  • Complete our survey below to talk with a Bank On Houston representative about your banking needs today!
  • Need support and someone to count on when working on your goals?  Locate a financial coach while using the financial product of your choice. (Call United Way 211 and ask about financial coaching at no cost to you).
  • Access financial education and resources to build your assets.

For more information, contact Bank On Houston at 832.393.3406.





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