Houston Police Department

March on Crime

The "March On Crime" campaign was created in December 1984 out of growing concern over violent crimes being committed in the Black community and expanded to include all citizens of Houston. The Houston Police Department has since held the March On Crime campaign every year dedicating their efforts to inform the general public about crime prevention tips. They included Drug Awareness, Crime Stoppers, Neighborhood Watch, Personal Safety, Burglary Prevention and Crimes Against the Elderly and Juveniles.

This year the Public Affairs Division, in conjunction with the Patrol Divisions will reinforce the Keep Houston Safe Public Safety Campaign citywide.  Patrol Divisions will identify Crime Reduction Initiatives in their area.  Officers will reach out to the local businesses and communities.  The main focus of the campaign is crime prevention and implementation of proactive crime prevention efforts and measures aimed at the elimination of criminal incidents, rather than responding to them after they have occurred.

Meeting and Coordinator List