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Incident at 9715 Kirkville

July 13, 2006 -- A male suspect was fatally shot by a Houston police officer who responded to a family disturbance call at 9715 Kirkville about 1:20 a.m. today (July 13).

The suspect, Rene Miguel Sanchez (H/m, DOB: 6/9/71), was pronounced dead at the scene. The HPD officer involved in the shooting was not injured.

HPD Homicide Division Sergeant L. A. Flores and Officer R. Carstens reported:

Houston Police Officer Richard Pina, a 13-year-veteran assigned to the Clear Lake Division, responded to a family disturbance call involving an intoxicated suspect asking his wife to kill him while he loaded a handgun. Officer Pina arrived at the residence and observed all lights turned off. He checked around the outside of the residence and did not see anyone. Officer Pina rang the doorbell and knocked on the front door several times before the suspect, Rene Sanchez, finally came to the front door. Officer Pina identified himself as a police officer and asked Sanchez if he had contacted the police. Sanchez told Officer Pina that the police were not needed. Officer Pina asked the suspect to speak to his wife to ensure her safety and the safety of everyone inside the residence. Sanchez refused to let Officer Pina speak with his wife or come inside the residence. At that time, a light inside the foyer came on and Officer Pina observed a female standing to the right of the suspect
attempting to open the front door. The suspect pushed the female away an
then raised a pistol to the window of the door where Officer Pina could see it. As Officer Pina attempted to find cover, the suspect brought the gun down in a threatening manner. Officer Pina, fearing for his life and the life of the female, discharged his weapon three times through the door, striking the suspect once in the side of the neck and once in the head. The female unlocked the door and Officer Pina determined no one else inside the residence was harmed. Investigators determined the female inside the residence was the wife of the suspect and three children, ages six to eight, were also inside the residence asleep at the time of the shooting.

As is customary in all officer-involved shootings within the city limits, the incident is being investigated by the HPD Homicide and Internal Affairs Divisions and the Harris County District Attorney's office.

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division a 713-308-3200.