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Incident at 12707 Verdant Brook

September 16, 2006 -- Charges have been filed against a suspect arrested in the fatal shooting of a woman around 9:45 p.m. on Friday (Sept. 15).

The suspect, Jaime Sanchez (H/m, DOB: 4-8-70), was arrested and charged with murder in the 177th State District Court. He is accused in the killing of a female whose identity is pending notification to the next of kin.

HPD Homicide Division Sergeant M.K. Peters and Officer A.J. Palos reported:

Sanchez and the victim were sitting in the victim's parked vehicle in front of a house he shares with family members. While they are seated in the vehicle, a witness hears a loud discussion coming from the vehicle and then a gunshot. The witness observes a muzzle flash and saw Sanchez exit the vehicle while the victim remained inside. She was discovered with a gunshot wound to the chest and was pronounced dead at the scene. Sanchez was taken into custody at the scene without further incident.

NJM 9-16-06
Inc # 143044106

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division a 713-308-3200.