Thieves Taking Rent Monies Now Have Jail Leases

July 7, 2008 - Investigators in the Houston Police Department Financial Crimes Unit have arrested three suspects believed responsible for the thefts of dozens of rent money orders from courtesy drop-boxes in apartment complexes throughout the west and south side areas of the city.

The suspects are identified as Poudoo V. Randolph (b/m, DOB: 12-18-70), Roy Milton Gibson (b/m, DOB: 3-5-56) and Leroy Joseph Fontenette (b/m, DOB: 1-23-54). Each is charged with one count of engaging in organized criminal activity in the 179th District Court and being held without bond.

Randolph, the ring leader of the group, would “fish” rent money orders by using rat glue traps from apartment complexes in southwest, west, and southeast Houston in the first few days of each month. He would then “wash” the payee off the money orders and recruit various individuals to cash them in exchange for part of the proceeds.

The suspects were in possession of 18 rent money orders when they were arrested on July 2.

Randolph also had detailed notes with directions to various apartment complexes he intended to target, as well as the addresses of ones he had already visited.

Following are locations of 14 known apartment complexes victimized by the thieves:

  • 9707 South Gessner
  • 7500 Bellerive
  • 1660 West T.C. Jester
  • 10555 Fondren
  • 6233 Gulfton
  • 6600 Hillcroft
  • 3943 Arlington Square
  • 10250 Lands End
  • 4040 Synott
  • 9488 United
  • 6425 Bankside
  • 1414 South Dairy Ashford
  • 9701 Forum Park
  • 7600 Creekbend

Investigators have determined this particular theft ring had been operating for several months and was netting thousands of dollars in monthly profits.

Anyone who feels he or she might have been victimized or has further information on one or all of the suspects is urged to contact the HPD Financial Crimes Unit at 713-308-2500.

Inc #048807408

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division at 713-308-3200.

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