Eastside Resident Thanks HPD Officers For Their Care And Compassion

June 11, 2009 - Eastside resident Evelyn Flores knew something wasn’t right with her beloved dog, Lady Bug.  It was 3:30 in the morning, May 5, and her loyal companion and protector was unable to get up.  She had apparently had a stroke. 

Weighing 80 pounds, the Golden Retriever/Labrador mix was much too heavy for Flores to carry to the vet.  Not knowing who to turn to for help in the early morning hours, she reached out to the Houston Police Department’s Eastside Patrol Division, which promptly dispatched an officer. 

Senior Police Officer Mark Morris quickly arrived at Ms. Flores’ front door, but immediately realized he needed help carrying Lady Bug to the car.  A second HPD officer, Gilberto Cruz, arrived and the two officers gently carried the heavy dog to Flores’ car.  Flores took Lady Bug to the veterinarian, who unfortunately was unable to save her. 

That afternoon, Officer Morris called Flores to check on Lady Bug and was given the sad news.

“I was so very, very sad to tell him she had not made it.  He sounded genuinely concerned and told me that they now knew I had lost my protector and that they would make it a point to check on me and my home by driving by on their routes,” said Flores.

Lady Bug had been Flores’ constant companion for 12 years, ever since the two had adopted each other after the one-year-old stray met Flores on her way to the post office.

“She needed somebody,” said Flores.  “It was love at first sight.”

Lady Bug’s devotion to Flores was well-known.  The Lab had even saved Flores from burglars who broke into her home while she was inside.

“She cornered the burglars in the bathroom and wouldn’t let them out,” said Flores.  “The burglars were so scared they broke out through the bathroom window.  Lady Bug chased them around the yard, and they broke through a fence to get away.”

The bond the two shared was strong, which is why Flores says she was so appreciative of Officers Morris’ and Cruz’s obvious concern.

“HPD’s Eastside officers care about our community and I wanted people to know how much they cared for Lady Bug during her time of such stress.  I can’t help but think that Lady Bug felt their love too and knew she was being cared for by two very special officers.”

Senior Police Officer Mark Morris was sworn in in March 1985 and Officer Gilberto Cruz was sworn in in September 2007. 

Sr Ofc. Mark Morris Evelyn Flores and The Lady Bug Ofc. Gilberto Cruz

Any media wishing to contact Evelyn Flores should contact the HPD Public Affairs Office at 713-308-3200.  Photos of Officers Morris and Cruz, as well as Flores and Lady Bug, are attached.

For additional information, please contact the HPD Public Affairs Division at 713-308-3200 .

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